Walking Around Omaha…January

I will start to log my “journey” so far.  Much of January has been much too cold for the undersides of my little Poodle’s feet.  (OK, Noodle has been doing just fine…it is Ebony and I who get tired and cold the most!)  But the walks we have had have been SO FUN.

Russ is helping me print maps off GOOGLE, and we are keeping them in a bright yellow folder on my art table and marking them as I walk streets.  Omaha is much bigger than I realized, but it is early in the year, and I am optimistic!  Maybe it can be done…We have walked with our family…Russ, Amanda and Abby, with our friends…Heather, Lu, Jodi (friend AND family!  I am so blessed…), Elijah, and with our dog friends…Millie, Lucky, Jasmine, Benji, Oscar, Max and Taco.  See if you can find them all in these pictures.  When you find Millie’s picture, see if you know who her new family is!  She is such a sweet dog!

We even got to walk with Scooter, an adorable little Terrier mix who had lost his way.  His mama and little girl were out looking for him and we checked his tag and brought him home.  This year is awesome.  I told you it would be!

Here are some “Walking Around Omaha” pictures so far…

Happy 2009!  Come walk with us…when it warms up!UPDATE May 5, 2009:  Tammy Hall has found Millie a wonderful new home!!  YAY TAMMY!  And Congratulations Millie :)

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