Walking Around Omaha, October 2009

Omaha, After Psalm 122

We stand as a city united under cialis canadian pharmacy God,

Omaha with her incredible diversityand blend of unique personalities.

We are compassionate.

We are creative.

We are hard workers.

Add the power of God Himself, and amazing things occur.

God is at work everywhere on every level.

He is directing the path of the believer and drawing the unbeliever to Himself.

Great things are happening.

Greater things are brewing.

If you love Omaha, pray for her.

Pray for the violence to end.

Pray for our neighbors to be housed and fed.

Pray for a loving home for each pet.

Pray for healed marriages and families….for met ends….for a family for every conceived child,

…and that each would be loved throughout their lives.

Pray that God’s amazing works would continue until darkness can find no corner of Omaha left in which to hide and must flee.

Peace be to Omaha.

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