Ernie Dog

What I am doing this week is spending all the time I possibly can with Mom and Dad and their Ernie Dog.  Ernie is a ten year old four pound Teacup Poodle who is the absolute favorite dog of everyone who knows him.  If you know Ernie, you know I am not exaggerating!

Ernie Dog

This past week, Ernie sustained a very serious neck injury that left his little body very damaged.  Thankfully, he is making amazing strides in his recovery and will soon be back to his healthy goofy little self.

I remember my loudest nay-sayer (we will call him that for lack of a better term) telling me that I get too emotionally involved with my patients, and that I needed to change who I am.  Remembering that,  I prayed I would have the strength to throw myself even MORE into the situation, that I could walk more closely in step with Dad, empathize more with Mom, be more in Ernie’s cute little curly face as he did amazing and courageous things like take a step and then rebalance…eat off a plate…curl in a circle and lay down all by himself.  I am so glad I have not missed any of it.  I am so proud of my parents for carrying Ernie through his recovery, and so proud of Ernie Dog for all of the huge steps he has taken on his road to recovery.

Full story coming soon on …couldn’t talk about it till now, too difficult.  So, with Mom and Dad’s ok, I’m just putting my journal out there, what a sap!  And what an amazing little dog.

I love you Ernie Nelson!

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2 Responses to “Ernie Dog”

  1. CathyB says:

    This is the dog Ellie wants. Still working on her dad to let her get one. So sorry Ernie got hurt, but happy he is making a recovery. I’m all too familiar with neck injuries and know how painstaking a recovery can be. Go, Ernie!

  2. admin says:

    I seem to remember both girls wanting an Ernie Dog! (He is not big and scary like some dogs!) Pleeeeease Jason?? How’s that? : )

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