Pugs Are Cute, But They Do Have Issues.

Ha!  I thought that title was a hilarious understatement!  Woo!  Still laughing.  I DO love Pugs.  I have never met one who was not completely and absolutely sweet.

My awesome brother Bill and his beautiful wife Cara recently adopted a baby Pug from a rescue group in Ohio.  Another friend has walked her Pug through a lifetime of health issues and is now dealing (with all the grace and compassion in the world) with senior Pug issues.  I just wrote a health series for Pug Partners of Nebraska for new Pug adopters.  Pugs have been on my mind a lot lately.

Cara and Baby Gary : )

Pug Partners of Nebraska currently has 28 dogs looking for forever homes.  Check out their website – they are an excellent group with wonderful dogs!!

Pug Partners of Nebraska has allowed me to reprint the article series here.  So the next several posts will be Pug posts, not that there is anything wrong with that.  If you have a Pug, I hope the information in the Pug health articles helps.  If you do not have a Pug, much of the information applies to dogs in general, so I hope it helps you too.  And I hope EVERYONE enjoys the pictures of my friends’ SUPER CUTE Pugs!!  Really, is there any other kind?

Thank you Stephanie Alford!  You were not exaggerating – You DO have the cutest Pug in the world!

Stephanie Alford’s Very Cute Typhoon : )


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