Pugs and Skin Care

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Dogs shed or need haircuts. Pugs shed very, very well. A high quality diet will help minimize shedding, but your Pug will still shed. Brushing your Pug at least weekly will contain some of the shedding, but will also keep the skin healthy with the gentle stimulation of brushing and redistribute the skin’s oil along the hairs.

A slicker brush can be used, but a Furminator is even better. This is a brush based on the grooming clipper blades that gently works out the loose undercoat.  It is the most effective brush I have found. The one precaution you will need to take is be careful about brushing one area of skin over and over, as excessive or rough brushing can cause skin irritation. If you are concerned, spread a good brushing over two or three days.

Bathe your Pug regularly.  Every two to four weeks is ideal. Any more often (unless prescribed by your veterinarian for a medical condition) may cause skin dryness. Use a puppy or dog shampoo. Massage it into the coat well and rinse completely. This too will keep hair follicles healthy, so shedding is as minimal as possible, and will also contain some of the shedding to bath time.

When you are bathing your Pug, make sure you gently wipe the crevices of his or her wrinkles with a soft cloth. Make sure they are dried completely. Pay special attention to the wrinkles around your Pug’s eyes. These can be extra prone to moisture problems, as tears may collect here. If needed, wipe these wrinkles out daily with a pet-specific wipe, being careful to avoid the eyes themselves. If the wrinkles seem red or have any discharge, make sure you get your Pug in to see your veterinarian as soon as possible. After bath time is a good time for nail clipping and ear cleaning.

When your Pug is dry, check his or her wrinkles for moisture. They should be as dry as the rest of your Pug. Moisture at the worst is a sign of a skin problem and at the best, predisposes your Pug to skin problems in the future.

Pugs have wrinkles around their eyes and muzzle, over their shoulders and around their tail base. The depth of the wrinkles varies from dog to dog, but can be accentuated by excess weight. Keep your Pug at an ideal weight, and wrinkle problems will be minimized.

Stephanie Alford’s Typhoon

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