What I am Doing This Week: Meeting Olive Jane ♥

…obsessing about my brand new niece, Olive Jane Nelson!  She was born July 3, 2010 to my brother Dave (the genius behind this fun website) and his wonderful wife Sara.  Their dogs (and now Olive’s dogs!) are Riley and James, the Great Dane and Mastiff after whom the website is named.

I like this picture of Olive because it was taken when she was making baby coos yesterday, and my husband Russ was trying to hear her so he could answer her.  ♥Happy Day Three in the world Olive!  I love you so much!!

Pets-n-Baby Tip:  While you are at the hospital with your new baby, have a friend bring something of baby’s (like a blanket or onesie) home to your dogs and cats.  Let them get used to the smell of your new babe.  When they actually do meet the new baby, in their minds, they will have already met him or her before and this will ease the transition for everyone.



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