2010 Nebraska Humane Society Walk for the Animals – Coming Soon!

In one month from today, we are taking all three dogs on the Nebraska Humane Society 2010 Walk for the Animals.  I think it will be a very fun time!

All proceeds raised go to support the dogs and cats (and little guys!) of Nebraska Humane Society.  I think they should label the corner behind the cats “Miscellaneous” as a joke, but maybe some people would not get the joke and then it would not be a good label.  That’s where all the non-dog and cat pets are.  I LOVE that corner!!  In just the past few months, they have had super cute newborn fuzzy white bunnies, painted turtles, ferrets, rats, gerbils, budgies and even a cockatiel.

ANYWAYS, Russ and Jodi and I are all attempting to raise money for the Nebraska Humane Society.  You don’t even have to bet on whether I will finish the mile or number of laps or anything.  You can pledge a set amount…or just wish us well (which is free!)

Here’s my link! Here is the link for Family Finch (Jodi, Russ and me)

If your business would like to become a corporate sponsor, here is the link…I have read through the list of sponsors, you would be in the company of awesomes!

Sponsor Donations

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