Blogathon 2010 – Giraffe-Chicken!

As we wrap up Blogathon 2010, we look forward to what is ahead…well, let’s do that later.  Right now I would like to show you Giraffe-Chicken.

In the wee loopy-tired hours of the night, BZTAT (the awesome Paintathoner – Have you SEEN her work?  It is GORGEOUS!) said “I am painting a turtle in honor of Dr. Finch’s three am posting on turtle tips.”  I LOVED that, by the way!  AND I love her turtle painting!  

So, we, of course, assumed painting subject ideas were being solicited. “Chicken!” said Dr. Janet.  “Rabbit!” said BunnyJeanCook.  “Giraffe!” said Dr. V.  “How am I supposed to paint all these?” said BZTAT.  (I am paraphrasing – Maybe I should replace it all with direct quotes after I have slept.)

“brb!”  I said.  That is “be right back” in this new-fangled “texting” I have recently learned about.  I grabbed a Sharpie and some paper and sent her this:

Next year – Paintathon…Singathon…Blogathon, and just maybe…Sharpieathon.  You HAVE to be there.  It’s gonna be awesome.

Clicking here will bring you to the webpage with information about Bradyn and an opportunity to donate towards the training of his service dog from 4 Paws for Ability. ♥

The End

of the Riley and James portion of Blogathon 2010.

“That was good.  We had fun.”*

*overheard at the conclusion of Jurassic Park by a very small (three or four year old) child when Cathy and I went to see the movie in college.  I believe the quote is more appropriate to today.  I’ll bet that kid still has dinosaur violence issues.

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6 Responses to “Blogathon 2010 – Giraffe-Chicken!”

  1. Dr V says:

    YAAAY! I LOVE IT!!!! <3 <3

  2. AboutVetMed says:

    A team effort! It was a little crazy there at 3am PST….

  3. julie g. says:

    I’ve love all the comamaradie of folks coming out for Bradyn’s great cause! Learned alot from all of you and look forward to next year, Sharpieathon or not! ;)

  4. SuSiempre says:

    Remind me next year and I’ll have my artist kid match your sharpie doodles with pencil sketches…as long as #Blogathon 2011 doesn’t fall during another band trip. Of course, he does have a camera phone…Thanks for all the fun. Naptime is calling…right after I clean up after this Cheese Lickin’…I mean Lee’s Chicken…so…sleepy…

  5. Roberta says:

    LOVE Giraffe-Chicken. Sharpies are one of my favorite things to draw with. Maybe I will have to join you next year. ;)

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