Blogathon 2010 – Saving the World

I am looking up a bit from this crazy Blogathon and am so proud of my friends!  Everyone here – look at all of the causes we are supporting!  A puppy for Braydn, a puppy for Natalie, pet rescues and shelters.  And everyone beyond here – Jenn and her marathon, Artists for Hope and their ongoing fight to end poverty and hunger in Haiti.  And beyond that even – causes and projects we do not even know about!

Have we all bit off more than we can chew?  Yes, of course we have!  Is it our job to save the world?  NO!  It is God’s job!  (Yup, you’re getting the God talk.  It is Sunday morning, after all!)  Is it our job to step in where we fit into that?  YES!  And look how fun it has been!

I have LOVED doing this Blogathon.  So encouraging to see so many people work so hard to help people and pets they may never meet, mainly because it is where they are supposed to be, what they are supposed to do, at the time they are supposed to do it.

As we look up, rub our eyes, decide exactly when to drink the last cup of coffee before we crash, remember to smile.  We showed up.  We had fun.  Now let’s see what happens from here.


Clicking here will bring you to the webpage with information about Bradyn and an opportunity to donate towards the training of his service dog from 4 Paws for Ability. ♥

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  1. Tamara says:

    That’s right :) What an amazing undertaking, all for others.

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