Christmas Memories

I was just informed at our family dinner yesterday that we will not be repeating the Purple Christmas Tree of last year.  Actually, it felt like an intervention of sorts.  Mom and Dad made a big, wonderful dinner.  Dave and Sara were there.  Russ looked into my eyes and said, “We still have purple dust in the living room.”  Both daughters nodded silently.  (We don’t.)

So, I am sad to say, the purple flocked tree may be, instead of a new holiday tradition, only a memory.  Because I will only have a plain old pine tree to show you this year, and because this is an especially cute picture of all three dogs together, I have posted here my favorite picture from Christmas 2009.

Ebony, Joy and Noodle, Christmas 2009

“What Happened to Russ”

Also, perhaps only a memory…my favorite Sunday School craft ever:  Peanut Baby Jesus.  Russ and I teach three to five year old Sunday School at Westwood Church.  For the past several years, we have made Peanut Baby Jesus with the kids.  (We stole the idea from the awesome teachers of Two Year Old Sunday School after our oldest daughter came home with one years ago.)

Last year, we had one child in our class with a peanut allergy.  Being kindhearted, anti-anaphylaxis types, we thought it would be a good idea to use a shortened wooden clothespin for Peanut Allergy Kid’s Peanut Baby Jesus.

Russ is a carpenter…with no saws at church.  But there were steak knives.  Never say “whatever” when you are choosing appropriate tools for a task.  Russ tried to cut off the end of the clothespin, sliced his thumb, could not get the cut to stop bleeding (even with top-of-the-line veterinary intervention) and ended up at Urgent Care with several stitches.  He still has a scar.

Peanut Baby Jesus:  Materials: Bottom half of a disposable cup, squares of brown paper, craft hay, scrap of cloth, peanut, Sharpie, glue.  Assembly: Glue the brown paper squares around the outside of the half cup.  Fill the “manger” with hay.  Draw a face on the peanut and place the scrap of cloth over Peanut Baby Jesus.  Place Peanut Baby Jesus in his manger.

SAFETY NOTES: Use kids’ safety scissors to cut the cup in half and cut the paper and cloth.  Also, if you have a kid with peanut allergies in your group, choose a different craft!

Update on The Purple Christmas Tree, 2010:

Yay.  Thanks Russ : )

Update on Peanut Baby Jesus, 2010:

Click here!


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9 Responses to “Christmas Memories”

  1. Lu says:

    You could maybe use packing peanuts for baby Jesus… then nobody has to worry about allergies…Or circus peanuts…. but then kids might want to eat their baby Jesus, and that might be a little sacrilegious.

  2. admin says:

    Lu! You are right! We should always call you right before we are about to do something insane! Then you can tell us if it is dangerous-insane or fun-insane.

  3. mom Karen says:

    I need a peanut baby Jesus in my Nativity collection! Russ don’t hurt yourself this year!

  4. Erika says:

    Lu, I like the Circus Peanut baby Jesus…

  5. admin says:

    Maybe we should have a grown-up Peanut Baby Jesus making party! I bet Circus Peanuts would last forever!

  6. Dad says:

    If you call Lu every time you are about to do something insane, Lu will be on the phone a lot!And I love Lu’s comments!

  7. SuSiempre says:

    You really need to see if the #WhatHappenedToRuss tweets are still searchable from last year. :)

  8. admin says:

    Su! I tried! “No real time results for #WhatHappenedToRuss””We don’t want real time results twitter! We want ALL results!” I yelled. But it did not answer me.(I’m not crazy Dad! Well, a little…the good kind :))

  9. Michelle Goodrich says:

    Yep, Russ took one for the team that day. I’ll never forget it. You two are the best preschool Sunday School teachers ever . . . AND the bloodiest. Not many people can claim that.

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