I Can’t Believe I Read the WHOLE Thing!

You know those super obnoxious restaurant contests where you get your dinner free and your picture on the wall if you finish a gigantic steak that ought to be cut into ten servings??  Well, I feel like someone owes me a giant free book.  Oh wait, never mind!  (Thank you Omaha Public Library!)



David McCullough

Five Stars!


I loved this book!  I did not think I would.  I am not a history buff.  (I mean I was not a history buff, now I am.)  I thought I preferred lighter reading.  Ha!  I honestly strained my finger (LF digit #4 if I were a dog) picking this book up off my nightstand and putting it down over the past several weeks.  I learned quickly to pick it up with two hands!

From the first chapter, I was caught up in learning about the life of President Truman.  He was a great man and a great leader.  For all of the major world decisions he was called on to make, he was, at heart, a midwestern farmer with solid values, making every decision seemingly from that perspective.

The author spent ten years researching, interviewing and writing.  That alone is enough reason to investigate the book – what kind of person could keep a biographer’s attention for ten years??  I do not know how to explain what a great job David McCullough did at making this a fascinating read – it contains mainly facts and dates, which ought to be a recipe for a dry portrayal of American history, but it is quite the opposite.

This morning I finished the book at two o’clock am, glad to have accomplished another twenty-fifth of my reading project, but sad to come to the end of the life story of Harry S. Truman.  When a book keeps me up till all hours even to the very end, it is one I will highly recommend!

Bunny Trails: I would like to read all of the books written by David McCullough.  He is an amazing story teller.  I would also like to read more history books in general.  I will focus on this project for now though!  Eleven books left to read!

I have not yet found eight of the twenty-five books on the reading list.  Omaha Public Library has been awesome at tracking down books and sending them my way!  All the bookstores in Papillion and Omaha are used to me rummaging through all their shelves.  (I already did that before I started this project!)  If you have any of the books on the Veterinary Economics Summer Reading List that you would be willing to loan out, please let me know!  I would also like a congratulatory picture on your bulletin board when I finish it.

4/30/2011 In writing a summary of this book project I learned that David McCullough narrated the movie  Sea Biscuit which was neither here nor there, but I thought it was really interesting, and now it is here. : )








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