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Blogathon 2010 – Oh no oh no oh no!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

I was so busy checking on all the other bloggers, I did not write a post for this hour!  Su sang that song and then Dr. V ate that…*shudder* and BZTAT has three paintings done and they are gorgeous!  Have you checked in on Dr. Laci and Dr. Jed?  They have very fun stuff going on too.

Toby Pup’s person and her friends are making cookies so I watched them for a while.

My daughter is posting cute dog pictures on her “Grandmas Only” blog.  She and I are a formidable team!

I still have to stop by and say HI to Dr. Janet and Fetching Tags and Two Little Cavaliers.

I will not apologize for getting sidetracked by my cobloggers’ awesomeness!  Instead I will show you what I mean…Here is Su singing one of my favorites…GoD and DoG.  Enjoy!




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Blogathon 2010 – Guide Dogs I Have Known and Loved

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

I want to shape my Blogathon posts around what YOU want to read about.  I assume you want to see unlimited pictures of my pets and twenty-four pictures of Omaha clocks so of course I will include them!  But beyond that, thank you for your help coming up with other topics!  And THANK YOU Tamara for the suggestion to talk about Service Dogs!

Since I was first “introduced” to Bradyn and his need for a service dog, I have been thinking back fondly on my time in Colorado.  I started my career in Littleton Colorado.  The hospital at which I worked, Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital, saw a disproportionate number of Guide Dogs and Guide Dogs in Training.

I was young.  I was new at this.  You know when you go through an incredible season of life, and you assume life will always have that incredible edge to it? That’s how it was with me and Guide Dogs.  I love where I am now (in life and my career) but boy, do I miss the Guide Dogs…and their people.

Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital was (and is) the best kind of hospital – the clientele is mainly “word-of-mouth.”  Friends tell friends.  Apparently, long before I arrived, friends who raised Guide Dog puppies started telling friends who raised Guide Dog puppies that the Companion team loved puppies, and things took off from there.They would come in one after the other for well puppy visits…the German Shepherds, the Golden Retrievers, the Labrador Retrievers, the Golden-Labrador crosses… *sigh*  SO cute!  The puppy raisers kept the pups for their first year, socialized them, trained them and then (the reason I could never bring myself to join them) turned them back over to Guide Dogs for the Blind to finish their training and placement with their new person.

If, for any reason, the pups were not able to complete training (for many of them, it was a simple lack of focus that would in no way impede their ability to be a perfect pet) they would undergo a “career change” and be adopted to a private family, often the family that had raised them.

I also had two dear clients with their own working Guide Dogs.  They were both favorites of mine, as were their dogs.  Two things were different about my interactions with these clients than others.  Many times, their intuition would clue them into a problem long before a sighted person’s vision would have clued them into a problem in a similar situation.  The other difference was that some health issues had much more gravity attached to them.  Of course, any pet’s illness or injury is important.  But with these guide dogs, some situations, such as lameness or vision issues needed to be taken care of as quickly and thoroughly as possible, so as not to jeopardize their work.

It has been years since I have seen these two and their dogs, and all of the wonderful guide dogs in training and equally wonderful foster families.  I know there is a group here in Omaha that also works with Guide Dogs for the Blind, though it may be a bit smaller than the one in Littleton.  I have met the leader of the group and she is very nice.  They also have a well established relationship with a great veterinary hospital in town, which…I…think…is…(C’mon, I can do this!)…great. *sniff*

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Blogathon 2010 – Speaking for Spot

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

(I cropped out the oil painting of the smoking clown that is on the wall next to this clock.  Because I love you guys.)

Speaking for Spot

by Nancy Kay, DVM, Specialist, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Five Stars!


I took a twenty-four hour break from reading books so I could do this crazy Blogathon!  Most of the books I have been reviewing have been from the Veterinary Economics Summer Reading List.  I have thrown other fun ones in now and then too as I have come across them!As you may have heard, I will only review books to which I can give five stars.  I speed-read the second half of Speaking for Spot this week so I could tell you about it tonight – I knew from the moment Jana Rade recommended it (thanks Jana!) that I would love it.  Maybe I should quit apologizing for judging books by their cover, and we could change the saying to “Always judge a book by its cover.”  I have not steered you wrong yet, have I?

I have never seen a book anything like this one.  It is a guide to help you be the best advocate for your dog’s health that you can be.  If I saw a client come into my office with this book under their arm, I think I would want to hug her.  (Do not worry if you were planning on doing just that – I will restrain myself.)  I LOVE when clients are proactive about the care of their pets.  Most are – this is going to help you be even more so!

Get this book now, before you are in a medical crisis – you can read it with your pup on your lap in your big comfy chair.  You will be SO prepared when a medical situation comes up that you do not know how to handle.  It even covers “routine” situations like wellness exams and vaccinations.  I really think every pet owner ought to have this book.

(Side note:  Illustrations by Beth Preston – Five Stars! ✩✩✩✩✩  I LOVE the pictures!  I wish I knew the illustrator – I would give her every single new notebook and sketchbook I bought and commision her to “hide” some dog sketches here and there.  It would make me happy every time I saw them. *sigh*)

If you buy this book during the Blogathon, Dr. Kay will donate five dollars from the purchace price to Bradyn’s service dog AND autograph your book.  Thank you Dr. Kay!  Here’s the LINK.

(Note 11/27/10 THANK YOU for buying this awesome book during the Blogathon and simultaneously supporting Bradyn!  A donation has been made to 4 Paws for Ability because of your awesomeness.)

Yes?  You in the front?  In the mitten box?  I do not know.  I will ask.  Dr. Kay?  Max the Cat would like to know if you have a “Speaking for Max” book planned.

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Blogathon 2010 – Go Big Red!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

What is the most important thing going on right now?  The Blogathon! What does all of Nebraska think is student writing paper the most important thing going on right now?  KICKOFF!


I grew up in Nebraska so my blood is Husker red, as it should be.  I LOVE football season.  I LOVE getting together with our family for game day.  I LOVE the snacks, I even love the fuzzy AM radio commentary in the background.  Most of all, I love the grey Nebraska sweatshirt that Dad bought me twenty years ago right before I started college at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Even though I yell about the importance of our state flag and state history every time we drive past a bank flying a big red “N” flag instead of the proper state flag with our official state seal, I secretly even kind of love that.

The Official Flag of the Great State of Nebraska

Nebraska Huskers Flag

The Actual Flag that is Flown in the Great State of Nebraska


I have a confession though.  (Looking around…Oh good, they are all focused on kickoff.)  *whispering*  I do not like football. During prevet at University of Nebraska at Lincoln, I went to ONE SINGLE football game and just about died of boredom.

When Nebraska (my prevet school) played Iowa State (my vet school), all the Finches and all the Nelsons and all the Babcocks came to Ames, Iowa and went to the game together, and I LOVED that day, because of the friends and family part.  I do not even remember who won, though I assume Nebraska did – Iowa State should stick to training vets…and engineers and stuff.

At least when the game is on TV, I am in a comfy living room or Jones’ garage, surrounded by people I love and tables of great snacks.  I love everything about Husker football…except the game itself.

I will be right back after I hide my Nebraska Citizen Card.  When this gets out, They are going to try to revoke it.

So ENOUGH about football.  In honor of kickoff, I thought for this post we could talk about…

Pets Named Husker!

In Littleton, Colorado I had an adorable West Highland White Terrier patient named Husker.  There are quite a few Husker fans in Colorado, which I enjoyed.  I felt less homesick surrounded by Nebraska folks.  Eventually being surrounded by Husker fans and spending time with Husker the Westie once or twice a year was not enough, and we moved home to Nebraska.

While epidemiology studies and obesity studies and such are all kind of neat, THE BEST thing about the national Banfield database is the ability to learn how many Banfield patients are named Husker. The grand total is…418!  Thirty-three of the fifty states have Banfield patients named Husker.  Colorado leads with 74.  Next is Texas with 51 and Arizona with 43.  Nebraska is FOURTH with 36!

At the practice I am at now we have one cat named Husker, three dogs named Husker and one hedgehog named Husker Hedgehog.  I have quite a few Bo patients, though I doubt they are named after THE Bo, it’s just a cute retriever name (and a cute presidential dog name).  I do not have any Tom patients, but that is not such a great pet name.  Maybe for a cat, but even then, if you want a plain old cat name, Max, of course, is much better.

Max the Cat cares as much about football as I do.

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Blogathon 2010 – Smokey Dog

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

And now a word from our Pastor…Scott Christiansen is the Senior Pastor of Westwood Church in Omaha.  He is one of my very favorite people, a great leader and great man of God.  I have known Pastor Scott since I was in high school and he was the youth pastor at Westwood Church.  I asked him to write a guest post and kind of begged him to mention his super cute, super sweet dog, Smokey.  Turns out it’s all about Smokey Dog.  YAY!  Thanks Pastor Scott!

What I Have Learned from Smokey

For almost 8 years now one of my best friends in the world has been an 18 pound miniature schnauzer named Smokey.  Like all friends, we enjoy spending time together.  And like all friends we learn from each other.  From me, I’d like to think, Smokey has learned about the importance of outside bathroom habits, of avoiding being caught in chairs he is forbidden to be on and that the middle of the night isn’t a great time to want to go out.  But I’ve learned far more from him than he from me.  In fact from Smokey I’ve learned:

1.  That it is the little things in life that are the most important. Smokey typically accompanies me every morning when I drive my sons to their schools and he never fails to get excited, I mean REALLY excited about going.  When I get tired of the routine that is a part of everyone’s life I remember that Smokey savors every moment, every action, even the ones we take every single day.

2.  That naps are some of the best things in the world. Smokey is an expert napper and, by my count, sleeps most of his day way – interrupted by fierce moments of affection and play.  Not a bad way to live.

3.  That saying hello is better than saying goodbye. Smokey often only gives me a sad look when I leave the house without him but when I return he jumps up and down – eagerly demanding that I stop what I’m doing and take 5 minutes to say hello.

4.  That sometimes the best thing to do with a friend is just sit together. Smokey never reads when I read.  We don’t talk…much.  Smokey is completely uninterested in television or the newspaper.  But while I’m doing any one or two of the above Smokey likes to sit at my feet or beside me on the couch or even on my lap – just sitting.  Being close is enough for Smokey.

5.  That God loves me. God’s creatures sometimes come with fur and sometimes with skin but we are all gifts to each other.  I believe with all my heart that Smokey is a gift to me from God who knows me well enough to know that I have a space in my heart that only a dog can fill and loves me enough to want to fill that spot with a friend like Smokey.  I know Smokey won’t trot beside me forever but I also know that even when it is his turn to go back to God he won’t really leave because he will live on in my heart.

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Blogathon 2010- Two Halves (of a Black Lab) Make a Whole, Right?

Saturday, November 13th, 2010


Russ Finch, my super awesome husband, agreed to write a guest post for Blogathon 2010, and instead of (wisely) waiting till two am when I will be tired and ready for a break, I am putting his post in NOW because I love it (and him…and not only because he always says “yes, I suppose we have room for one more pet!”)

from Russ…


I’m pretty sure I will always have a cat.

I’m pretty sure I will always have a poodle.Benji with baby Amanda


These are two realities that I never envisioned before I became the husband of a veterinarian.

Now, here I am with one cat – Max, currently one poodle – Noodle, a guinea pig – Piggy, a gerbil – Princess, a rat – Wuzzy and two lab mixes – Ebony and Joy.  We have had three other poodles, one other dog, four other rats, an iguana, briefly had a snake, have fostered one dog and many baby kittens, borrowed birds and even a goat.  I do not live on a farm.

When I was a kid, our neighbor had Labrador Retrievers, trained as hunting dogs.  They would have puppies every couple of years and I begged my mom for one each time.  My mom, sensibly, said that we already had two dogs so there was just no way we could have more pets.  So, I decided that when I was a grown-up, I would have a lab.  No other pets necessary.

Our first pet as a family was Max the cat.  Shawn said we should adopt this cat from Iowa State, where he was a blood donor for the vet school hospital.  I said no, I want a lab, not a cat.  See, the cat we had growing up would not predisposition anyone to having a cat.  She was not nice and I have a scar on my upper lip to prove it.  I am allergic to cats. I am a dog person. You can’t play fetch or tug-o-war with cats. They don’t learn tricks.  Dr Finch said please.  Well, Max has been with us ever since.  He is the best cat I have ever known and will always be the pet that I am most attached to.

Next up was a dog.  Now, poodles are about as un-Labrador as dogs get.  Old poodles with no teeth especially.  Dr. Finch, in her first year of practice, met this dog, Benji.  He would come in with his nice little old lady (that’s who owns poodles you know) and jump into the doctor’s arms.  He was a very nice little poodle.  Of course, this nice lady came in with Benji and sadly declared that he would need a new home when she had to move into a nursing home.  I said we could make some fliers.  I said we could ask around.  We knew some little old ladies at church, maybe they could use a poodle.  I said we had to get a house, then we could get a dog (Lab, not Poodle).  Dr. Finch said please.  Benji was part of our family later that week.  He was goofy and loveable, but not too cuddly.  That is until our daughter Amanda was born.  Benji, like in the picture above, wanted to be as close to his baby as possible.  He was this amazing little dog that will forever be in my heart as a part of our family.

These two pets came into our lives as a young married couple and have been such an integral part of our lives.  I cannot picture a world without Max or Benji.  Sometimes I am afraid of the precedent that they set.  Dr. Finch still says please and I still can’t resist.  Sometimes I am more susceptible to pet acquisition than she is.  Luckily, Max will not allow any permanent cat additions and Omaha will not allow more than the three dogs we have, and I have a great prescription allergy  medicine for the cat, rat, dog, piggy, etc. allergies.  We joke about our zoo with each other and with our friends.  It can be kinda fun to see people’s reactions to our list of pets.  All of our pets have been unique and amazing.  Each pet has had tremendous influence on our lives.  Each pet we have lost over the years has been missed, mourned and remembered with love and joy.

Bottom line: I will always have a cat and I will always have a poodle and I will probably always have way too many other pets too.  The bonds that we have share with our animals have greatly enriched our lives.  I am proud to be a part of this blog-athon and proud of the work that my wife, Dr. Finch, is doing.  The cause here is to raise money for Bradyn to acquire an epilepsy service dog.  Service dogs take this bond that we have had with our pets to a whole different level.  It is my hope that he meets his “Max” or “Benji” very soon.


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Blogathon 2010 – Service Rats!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

me:  Can I take a picture of that?

Amanda:  I thought you’d be mad.

me:  If you thought I’d be mad, why’d you draw on your arm?

Amanda:  I didn’t think about it until after I did it.

me:  You have noticed my Sharpie obsession, haven’t you?

Amanda:  Oh…yeah!

me:  So can I take a picture?

Amanda:  Sure!  Do you want me to draw a watch for (glancing at my list) seven o’clock and eight o’clock and twelve o’clock…

me:  No.

(Stay tuned for contributions from my oldest daughter that she makes ON PURPOSE later in the Blogathon – ha!)

Remember when I gathered that list of other veterinary blogs I love?  I was trying to figure out what Riley and James has among all the veterinary blogs that is unique.  You know what it is? Rats! Pictures of rats!  Stories about rats!  Links to Carefresh Ask-a-Vet where we talk about…rats!  *sigh*  I love rats.

You have to admit, they are at the very least “interesting.”  Especially our silly hairless rats.  So even if you are not as in love with rats as I am (weird!) I thought you might be interested in learning about…


When I started becoming involved in this Blogathon, I started obsessing about service pets…more on that later (We have all day and all night, after all!)  I remembered hearing a story of rats that ran wires through walls so they could be connected to…something.  I will find the story for you and link it here.  In trying to find THAT story, look at this great story I DID find about service rats!  Rats are amazing!

African Giant Rats Sniff Out Land Mines In Mozambique Africa, they have CLICKER-trained (I love it!) rats to find undetonated land mines left over from their devastating civil war.  (They are a different species than our domestic Fuzzy-Wuzzy types, but still known by the common name “rat” so Wuzzy has decided that they are indeed related to her…)  The rats are very friendly, quick, accurate and entirely food-motivated.  They are also very focused – “Dogs…tend to get bored and run the risk of blowing themselves up.”

YAY rats!

More on these awesome “rats”…

Rats That Save Life and Limb

They even have their own website…


3/21/11  Whenever I find a fun link or information that relates to an earlier post, I usually tuck it into the original post that has come and gone, where no one will ever see it.  I realize I should stop doing that if I want my content read.  But sometimes, it is just satisfying to me to know that something exists…like SERVICE MICE!  If no one ever comes back to check if there are service rats (and friends) updates, I guess I am ok with that.  It is just going to make my whole day today better knowing service mice exist.  I suppose I should get better at sharing.  But how fun would it be if you DID check back here and find this?  I think I will put it here and just hope one or two of you see it.  And yes, some day I will move it to the “front lines” cuz it is just too awesome to NOT share!  These tiny guys are trained to recognize drugs and explosives and are being used in airport trials in Israel.  Awesome.



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Blogathon 2010 – So, What Should We Talk About? Service Dogs?

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Service and therapy animals are amazing!  Between all of us bloggers and all of you who are supporting us, I am sure we will talk about these great animals and the wide range of services they provide quite a bit in the next twenty-four hours!

The group through which Bradyn will receive his Service Dog, 4 Paws for Ability, has a great website and explains their many programs at length.  They have placed over five hundred dogs with people who needed them!  Click here for information about service dogs for young children with epilepsy.  How’s that for seeing a specific need and filling it?  YAY 4 Paws for Ability! Thank you for all you do to love kids!

Let me know what you would like to discuss during the Blogathon…service animals, pets, veterinary stuff, anything really.  Remember to let me know if you are making your donation in honor or memory of a special pet!

Consider this entire next day an open forum…I have NO appointments, NO other commitments, NO laundry…well, you know what I mean.  I am here at the computer ready to hang out with you and talk about ANYTHING.  Woo!  This is going to be fun!

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Let Blogathon 2010 Begin!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Dr. V, who has one of my FAVORITE veterinary websites ever (Pawcurious, of course!), invited other bloggers to join her on her second annual Blogathon.  So several other highly-caffinated pet lovers and I will be blogging once an hour for the next twenty-four hours in order to raise money to train a service dog for Bradyn.  Read more about Bradyn on his Mom’s website here.You know how random I can be, so when I spin completely off topic in this next twenty-four hours, remember that the purpose of this Blogathon is to raise money to train a service dog for Bradyn!

Click here to donate!

So please donate, tell your friends, follow along and comment on all the participating blogs, write a guest post so we can go grab another coffee…whatever you would like to do to participate!

Here is a list of participating Blogathon blogs:



Fetching Tags

My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much


Riley and James

Two Little Cavaliers


And pay attention to these participating Awesomes:



♥ Amanda Finch ♥

Biscuits by Lambchops

Pastor Scott Christiansen

♥ Russ Finch ♥

Speaking for Spot

Su Smith

Thank you to for spreading the word!

Music on Riley and James for the next twenty-four hours is provided by the awesome Omaha band, Adelaide.  All of the songs are from their YET-TO-BE-RELEASED album, Find Me Love.  When Adam Trabold and I were planning this he said, “You don’t need us to perform live do you?”  Ha!  Hey Adam!  Russ and I figured out how to get recordings to play on the site!  You are welcome! :)

Donations in Memory or Honor of Pets



If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of a special pet, please tell me in the comment section of any of these posts or e-mail me at  Send me a paragraph or a page about your pet (It’s not like I will run out of paper!) and a picture of him or her.  When you do, I will feature them in a post within the next couple hours.

(Bradyn’s donation website is completely seperate from this one, so your memorial won’t be automatically linked to your donation and I will not have any way to know who donated what unless you tell me!  So please tell me if you have donated in honor or memory of a pet!)

Our Fuzzy Rat recently passed away.  She was an amazing little creature and best friend to Wuzzy Rat.  She made many friends at camps, schools, churches and daycares, and among all our friends and family, many of whom STOPPED saying “I’m just not a rat person.”  We love you Fuzzy Rat.  We miss you very much.  We have made a donation in honor of you…I think you would have liked that.

Please excuse the close up if you are not (yet) a rat person!  And to everyone else…Wasn’t she gorgeous??

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Puppy Mills and Missouri Proposition B

Friday, November 5th, 2010

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010, Missouri voted “yes” on Proposition B:

“A ‘yes’ vote will amend Missouri law to require large-scale dog breeding operations to provide each dog under their care with sufficient food, clean water, housing and space; necessary veterinary care; regular exercise and adequate rest between breeding cycles.  The amendment further prohibits any breeder from having more than 50 breeding dogs for the purpose of selling their puppies as pets.  The amendment also creates a misdemeanor crime of ‘puppy mill cruelty’ for any violations.”

At first glance, of course every reasonable person would vote “yes” to tighter regulation of dog breeders in the hopes of shutting down large-scale unscrupulous breeders, commonly known by the too-kind euphanism “puppy mills.”  However, I suspect those who voted against Proposition B may not be evil puppy haters, but rather, fellow puppy lovers who have some of the same concerns as the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA)  and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

The MVMA would like “adequate funding for more inspections and better enforcement” and expressed concern that the proposition does not take into account existing law. (1)

The AVMA stated that the “ballot initiatives are poorly designed for addressing complex issues (e.g., setting animal care standards) in that they are narrow in their mechanism of effect, limit the amount and detail of information that can be provided to the public and offer minimal opportunities for expert input.” (2)

I do not wish to take on the MVMA or the AVMA, both of which I highly respect and both of which contain a far greater collective veterinary brain mass than I.  However, after careful thought, I am sticking with my first reaction:  Missouri’s acceptance of Proposition B is a step in the right direction.

If the citizens of Missouri are creating and passing protective legislation for the dogs of their state, obviously they are NOT “The Puppy Mill State.”  They are “The State That Would Shut Down Businesses That Refuse to Treat Dogs Humanely.”

This issue hits close to home.  We are near Missouri geographically, but more importantly, Nebraska too is known as a puppy mill state. What infuriates me is that there is still such a high demand for puppy mill puppies, commonly sold at pet stores and over the internet.*

I do not think Missouri’s Proposition B will provide the legislative teeth to shut down puppy mills.  I DO believe it will prick the consciouses of those who are enabling puppy mills to continue to exist and thrive.

Inspectors and legislation and funding play a vital role in the eradication of puppy mills, but it is a maintenance role – not allowing a bad situation to become worse.  If we want puppy mills to disappear all together, we need to shift the demand in a direction I believe it is already headed.  If potential pet owners would adopt their pets solely from shelters, rescues and reputable breeders, puppy mills would not have a market, and would be forced to shut down. I believe THIS will occur long before they are legislated out of existence, or shut down because of a collective personal moral crisis on the part of all puppy mill owners.

I’m always one for the simple (but usually difficult) answer.  Take away their market and puppy mills will cease to exist! If you are better than I at getting into the details of a situation, read these excellent offerings from AVMA on the issue of Missouri’s Proposition B and their recommended wording of puppy mill legislation.



*Puppy mill puppies are often bought by SOME pet stores and sold to consumers.  Please do not confuse this practice with the super awesome practice of loaning space to adoption and rescue groups in order to provide more exposure to adoptable pets.  If in doubt, look for signs or ask store employees where pets are from.  Reputable Pet Savers will be proud to tell you.