Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent the weekend before Thanksgiving with our family in Ohio, yesterday with Mom and Dad, and the rest of the weekend will be spent catching up with the rest of the family.  I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

My imaginary friend, Dr. Amanda Brown, invited me to participate in Grand Rounds, a forum that is typically made up entirely of human medical doctors (not that we veterinarians are not both human and medical doctors, but you know what I mean…I never know what to call those guys.)

Anyways, this week, Dr. Brown was in charge of Grand Rounds, and I was out of town, but just look at the awesome group of veterinarians and…other guys…she gathered!  Anyways, she gathered a great group of doctors, and they came up with a great group of articles and blog postings about gratitude.


first time on facebook, first time to include veterinarians, first time hosted by an imaginary person!

Last year at this time, I posted something for which I was grateful for every day of November on facebook and twitter.  This year, the month got by me…it was full of all of those things I should have been listing!  So here is my “catch up” list.  It’s going to be sweeping and general, random and overlapping so as not to leave anyone or anything out.  What an awesome thing to have to consider…

Thank you that as Creator and Sustainer of the universe you would not only bother with me, which in itself is impossible to wrap my head around, but also love me and save me and walk through this life with me down to the detail and minute and very smallest whisker – I know what breaks my heart breaks Yours – May what breaks Your heart break mine.

Thank you too for…





the opportunity to write what I’m thinking

people to share it with

the Awesomes of Blogathon 2010

my job

my career

my kids




our house

our neighborhood

the girls’ school

Westwood Church

my baby niece and baby nephew

my big kid nieces and big kid nephews

my brothers

my Family-I-Love (Jodi and I came up with that gem-is that better than sister-in-law Sara Jean?? :))

my extended family…I love that my coworkers say “You are related to everyone!”

our garden



my kids’ awesome heritage from the Grandparents I miss dearly back to the ancestors I do not even know

Here comes the part of grace where my friend Beth’s little brother would start thanking God for the ketchup and the salt and the napkins…

our bread machine

hardwood floors

the clicking of dog toenails and the creaking of kid feet

Max the Cat’s habit of getting between me and my book or me and the keyboard

my art table

my camera phone



notebooks and sketchbooks

Petie the Cruiser

walking bridges

and so on…

Happy Thanksgiving All







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2 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Dr. Finch, thank you so much for the mention! We missed you at Grand Rounds, but I hope we’ll get another chance to participate. I was recently asked to contribute to a list of top veterinary bloggers for for a story they’re writing on veterinary bloggers, and I made sure to drop your name!Okay, back to my imaginary job! :)

  2. admin says:

    Hey Dr. Brown! Of course – I mention ya every chance I get. Thank YOU! They asked ME too and I said YOU of course. I just expanded on my Blogs by Veterinarians post – I can’t wait to see what dvm360 comes up with – that will be a fun section of their website! back to my OTHER job (today – SAHM to sickies!)

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