Happy 2nd Birthday Joy the Puppy!

Joy the Puppy, Adoption Day!  January 30, 2008

(This is just after she finished playing at the construction site with Russ and decided he was the most awesome, fun person she had ever known in all her many weeks)

Joy the Puppy, All Grown Up!

Russ:  Aren’t dogs fully mature at two years of age?

Me:  Yes!  Didn’t happen at midnight, here’s hoping for noon!

For Joy’s birthday, we got her an ice cube.  Honestly, I have NEVER seen her happier than when she got her gift.  Today we will celebrate Grown Up Joy the Puppy.  Tomorrow, I will post more about Baby Joy the Puppy, because that was a special time too.

Happy Birthday Joy!  You are one of the two best Black Lab-Somethings I have ever known. I do hope you stop eating socks.  And paper.  And stuffed animals.  And food off the counter.  But Joy…I hope you never really grow up.


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