The Gift of Joy

To the Original Owner of Joy the Puppy,

Thank you so much for the gift of Joy. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, so gentle and playful with our kids, and fitting right in with our other two dogs.  She is loved and warm and fed.  I pray that you are as well.   I will keep an eye out for you in and try to make sure that you are.

If you had been in a different season of life, with a home and resources to take care of the both of you, would you still have her with you?  I bet you miss her.  I can not tell you how much I appreciate you giving her up so that she could have a healthy life.  If things have turned around for you, and there is room in your life for a puppy again, I will do everything I can to help make that happen.

Forgive me for being so angry initially that she was such a skinny thing.  I know that when you ran out of puppy food, you shared your own food with her, and probably gave up a meal or two at least, so the little bottomless pit would not have to.  She had the cutest little bug eyes-I would have held on to her until the last possible moment too, if I had been in your place.  I will remember that the next time I am getting worked up to judge someone who is probably doing the best that they can.

Be proud of your dog.  She turned out great.  She started off so cute and grew up to be gorgeous.  If you hadn’t protected her from the streets of Omaha in her first few bitter cold weeks, she may not have survived.  If you hadn’t taught her a person’s love right from the start, it would have taken us years.  Thank you so much.  If this does not reach you directly, I will try to thank you indirectly every way that I am able.


Shawn Finch, DVM

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2 Responses to “The Gift of Joy”

  1. Jodi says:

    Isn’t there supposed to be *tissue warnings* on these posts?! =] As always, Sister I Love, you rocked it outta the park. <3

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Jodi! I meant to just say how cute Joy was when she was a pup, then I remembered how much more there was to her story and realized I owed this guy a “thank you!” Sorry if you’re all snotty now ♥

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