Boobs and Coffee

Things that have cheered me this sad week…

You ALL showed up with hugs and encouraging words after Piggy passed away.  And some of you just sat with me and sighed.  You are all wonderful.Wednesday I saw sixteen cats as patients, which I am pretty sure is an all time personal high.

My last two patients of the day Wednesday were two blond Pomeranian brothers, who took turns jumping onto my lap to get squoze then onto the floor to dance in happy circles then back onto my lap again.  One of them had tiny pom-sized sled dog boots.

My patients right before Happy Pom Kids were two of my favorite guinea pig patients.  Angela had to tell me to give them both back.  It was hard to let go.

The day Piggy died, the girls and I started a HUGE photo album project to cheer ourselves.  It is working.  Also, Russ found these pictures of Amanda (2) with Ebony…

and Abby (6 months) with Ebony…

who was just over one year old at the time.  Look how much she looked like Joy does now!  (I took this picture of Ebony (left) and Joy (right) today…

I don’t look for gorgeous black pets.  They just find me.My friend started a blog that I absolutely love.

Long, rambling disclaimer:If you let your kids read Riley and James for the guest posts written by kids, or the hamster pictures or other fun stuff, but you don’t want them to read the word BOOBS, have them skip this post.  The link isn’t kid-appropriate, but only because it is Things Grown-ups Struggle With That Kids Should Not Have To Yet, not because of inappropriate material or pictures.  We try to shield our kids from Almost Everything in the World.  I know I probably overstep, and I will pay for the therapy as they need it, but hilarious names for anatomical parts is one thing we definitely do not shield them from and even encourage them to learn. 

That being said, here is a very thoughtful, sensitive, multi-layered new blog by one of my very favorite people in the Whole Wide World.  It is about Life, but it also has a Cat I Love and a Dog I Love.  In fact, I love the whole family.  You would too if you knew them, I just know it.  Thank you Friend, for starting this blog the week I needed something to take my mind off the sadness of losing Piggy and helping put things in perspective, as you also do so well in Real Life.

Boobs and Coffee


Vera Jo

And finally, this Christmas 2010 picture of Piggy that I forgot I had…

AND this picture of Piggy that Dave drew cheered me.  I put it as my phone screen background…

May you have pets in your life as wonderful as Piggy and Friends in your life as wonderful as mine, and may you find reasons to smile, even during the most difficult of weeks.

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10 Responses to “Boobs and Coffee”

  1. We didn’t see your blog yesterday so we just found out now about your Piggy! So sorry to hear it. :( We are happy you are finding ways to cheer yourself up and remembering Piggy in nice ways!

  2. It sounds like you have both good memories and friends who are doing wonders for your state of mind, dr finch :) glad to hear.I’m still getting acquainted with your menagerie and am wondering about Riley and James. Hmmm. One day, I will find time *sigh* to read more. The ones I know best so far are fuzzy, wuzzy and piggy :(P.S. You’re on my blogroll. I never knew I had to tell people these things. But I’ve been seeing other bloggers say stuff like that on other blogs. So just in case I’m supposed to!Have a great weekend :)

  3. admin says:

    Hey thanks guys! Yeah, Piggy was great. It is so good to be surrounded with Friends like you who can just “remember” him with me!We are supposed to tell people that? K, you all are on my Google Reader thing that I just started figuring out, as are a bunch more Awesomes. Oh, dear, I’d better let them know…Riley and James are the cartoon Great Dane and Mastiff on the top here…but they are my Real Life niece and nephew, and their dad (my brother) made this site for me. He is an awesome graphic artist. I will find real pix of the dogs for you! brb…

  4. admin says:

    Georgia Little Pea ♥Here are a few pictures of the Real Life Riley and James!

  5. awww, love Piggy in the santa hat. Very nice memories… sigh.Diane and Cosmo

  6. admin says:

    Thanks Diane! Thanks Cosmo! ♥♥

  7. A photo project sounds like a great way to cheer you up! Scrapbooking and organizing photos are on my never-ending to do list…but it’s so much fun once you get started!

  8. admin says:

    Hi Lori! It has been a fun project and we’ve found pictures we had forgotten we’d taken. I will let you know how it turns out…if we finish it!

  9. Pup Fan says:

    Boobs and coffee… love it!

  10. admin says:

    :D me too!

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