I have most of what I want to share with you here planned for February…Usually when that happens, I just put it out there, but I am trying to be more organized this year.  We will see how that goes.Here is what I have coming up…mostly this is just an excuse to say “hi” because I SHOULD be writing (counting…) five articles and working on (counting again…) three projects (not including laundry and dog baths.)  Anyways, maybe after this, I can get some stuff done, so there are actually things here to read in February!


For now, check out this hilarious post by Dr. V at Pawcurious on dog baths and yoga and the rest of Saturday’s Blog Hop from this past weekend!


Tomorrow – “Happy Heartworm Free February” your monthly reminder to give your pets your heartworm preventative medication – Woo!  I love preventative medicine!


Friday – “You Say It’s Your Birthday…” I just found out my friend Sal’s birthday is Friday too!  We should all celebrate by storming his website!  (But stop just before it is overloaded and crashes, because I have heard from my coworkers this week that crashing computer systems are not fun.  And THAT is the downside to super awesome computerized medical records.  Glad I missed it!)


Saturday – a thing about a thing – still waiting on permission to post it.  Hey!  Thank you Nebraska Humane Society!  THAT was fast!  Woo!  You will love this good news all!  Also, Saturday Blog Hop!  That has been a fun new project this year!


Valentine’s Day – Pets and farm animals with heart spots!  How cute will that set be??  (Super cute)  Also my take on why Valentine’s Day does not necessarily suck.


A series through the second half of February of Stuff Written for Veterinarians.  I got to thinking maybe some of the stuff I write TO vets would apply to Normal People too – like stuff on gender pay gaps and work-life balance.  It’s a bit longer material, and more serious, but I try to balance that with a Scrubs link whenever possible.  And usually vets are pet owners too, so there is a bit of overlap here (Hi Guys!) but we are rarely normal : )


Beyond Riley and James…Piggy – an article on Omaha.net – Wuzzy Chronicles on Piggy (Honestly, he’s about all I can think about some days – probably a big part of my writer’s block!)


Pet Tips for National Pet Dental Health Month – We had a wonderful continuing education meeting yesterday led by Dr. Barron Hall, DVM, Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College.  Here is one page of mine and Erika’s notes:Labrador Retrievers were mentioned more than any other breed – go figure.  We were sure Poodles or Greyhounds would have won.  (We were listening!  It was a very good talk and meeting!  I have eleven serious pages of notes!  THAT’S what I will try to summarize for you before the month is through!)


Carefresh Ask-a-Vet Pet Questions If you (or your kids) submit more Ask-a-Vet questions for Carefresh (here or there) I will be able to answer another round, which is super fun, so keep brainstorming!


Happy Valentine Month

National Pet Dental Health Month

If We Can Get Through This It Will Be Almost Garden Season Month!

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  1. dear dr finch,you’re a bit busy aren’t you?

  2. admin says:

    I am, but it is fun! : )

  3. Your train of thought cracks me up–and inspires me! Keep it up!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Dr. Burcham! : D

  5. Pup Fan says:

    I love the doodles in your notes! (I initially typed doogles… I guess those would be dog doodles?)

  6. admin says:

    Thanks! haha that is what I will call them from now on – doogles!

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