Saturday Blog Hop

Happy Weekend All!  I have been watching Two Little Cavaliers and their friends do the Saturday Blog Hop for a while and have been trying to figure it out.  I joined Dr. V’s Blog Hop when she suggested we all post our favorite blog posts of 2010, and that was fun.

The Saturday Blog Hop looks like a wonderful way to meet other pet lovers.  I thought I had met all of the Pet-Loving Awesomes out there, but apparently I have not yet found The End of The Internet.

So if you are visiting Riley and James from the Saturday Blog Hop, thank you for stopping by!  Nice to meet you!  And if you are already a friend of Riley and James, thank you too.  I think you are all great.

My favorite posts often contain pictures of Pets Being Cute, so I thought that would be a fun theme for today.  Here are the Finch pets…

Ebony Dog and Max the Cat

Noodle the Poodle

Joy the Puppy

Piggy the Guinea Pig

Long Live Your Pet

Princess the Gerbil

Fuzzy and Wuzzy Rats

OK, so Fuzzy and Wuzzy are not part of our current herd, but they JUST passed away, and I am not ready to take them out of the lineup yet.  That’s Wuzzy in the background and Fuzzy in the foreground, from July 2010.  Weren’t they gorgeous??  And so sweet too.  They are Hairless Dumbo Rex rats.

Nice to meet you all!  I will spend THIS week coming to see your pet blogs!

Shawn Finch, DVM

Finch93 on twitter : )

Coming Soon to Riley and James…

Monday, January 10, 2011 “Pet Blogger’s Challenge” from Edie of “Will My Dog Hate Me?” and Amy of “Go Pet Friendly” (both of whom are awesome and have been mentioned here before!)  I’m in – these group projects are fun!


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8 Responses to “Saturday Blog Hop”

  1. Sage says:

    We hopped by to say hi! What a great group of friends! Hope to see you soon!Sage

  2. Cherie says:

    Found you through the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. Will be checking in our your blog regularly.Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Hi! We’re here with the Saturday Pet Blog Hop! We think all your pets are so cute. We are sad to hear that your rats passed away. We wondered, did they pass away at the same time??? Also, do your guinea pig/gerbil/rats get along together, the way dogs and cats can sometimes get along? We are very curious now!

  4. Jen says:

    I loved meeting all of your furry friends!I am sorry to hear about Fuzzy and Wuzzy passing away, I had to go back and look at them twice because they were hairless and their names said otherwise:)JenMy Brown Newfies

  5. admin says:

    Nice to meet all of you!!Thanks for the kind words about the ratties! Fuzzy passed away at the beginning of October, from a probable pituitary adenoma (brain cancer). She was two years, 7 months. Wuzzy passed away at the end of November from oral cancer. She was two years, 8 months. They were littermates and best friends. We really miss them! They were named after that poem, Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear : )Everyone is friends, but the rodents are kept in seperate habitats, and the dogs and Max the Cat never get alone time with the little guys (OK, we just assume they WOULD be friends!)

  6. admin says:

    Jen – I think one of your Newfies probably outweighs my entire herd!

  7. Becky says:

    What a nice furry family! So sorry about the ratties. Glad we saw you on the pet blog hop. We’ll come visit again. Fun site.

  8. admin says:

    Thank you Becky! I love your site too – Your Buddy Dog is super cute!

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