Happy Heartworm-Free February!


If you give your pets heartworm preventative medication on the first…it’s the first!

Heartworm Preventative Medication

The following is a list of prescription medications available in varying combinations and permutations from your veterinarian.  (If you see any I missed, let me know and I will add them!)  Getting the weight-based dose and species correct is super important AND your veterinarian has your pet’s medical history which could impact which preventative is ideal.  So please get your veterinarian’s input in choosing which medication is best for your pet!

The brand names are listed first, with the active ingredient against heartworm disease in parenthesis.  Many of these medications also protect against other parasites.  I can add that information too if you would like!  You really only need to know which meds YOUR pet is on, but isn’t veterinary information FUN??


Heartgard Plus (ivermectin) – monthly oral medication

Iverhart Max (ivermectin) – monthly oral medication

Tri-heart Plus (ivermectin) – monthly oral medication

Wormshield (ivermectin) – monthly oral medication

Interceptor (milbemycin) – monthly oral medication

Sentinel (milbemycin) – monthly oral medication

Trifexis (milbemycin) – monthly oral medication – new!

Advantage Multi (moxidectin) – monthly topical medication

Revolution (selamectin) – monthly topical medication

Proheart 6 (moxidectin) – sustained release injectable medication, given every six months (a form given every twelve months, Proheart 12, is available in Australia and parts of Asia)


Heartgard (ivermectin) – monthly oral medication

Interceptor (milbemycin) – monthly oral medication

Advantage Multi (moxidectin) – monthly topical medication

Revolution (selamectin) – monthly topical medication


Heartgard (ivermectin) – monthly oral medication

My checklist for today:

Ebony Dog – Wormshield tablet

Noodle the Poodle – Wormshield tablet

Joy the Puppy – Proheart injection

Max the Cat – topical Revolution

Princess the Gerbil – no prophylaxis needed*

*Since Princess is not susceptible to heartworm disease, she, Max and Joy get snacks since Ebony and Noodle get oral medication so as not to feel left out, which they would all argue is MORE important than having a heartworm-free household.

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(This one was written when I treated the dogs seasonally and poor Max the Cat not at all – now I treat everyone year-round!)

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Coming Soon to The Riley and James Heartworm Series!

March 2011…Safety of heartworm preventative medication – Is it safe to give my Collie heartworm preventative medication?  Why is Joy the Puppy getting Proheart but not the old dogs?  Are some pets developing heartworm preventative medication resistance?  Are there valid drug-free options for preventing heartworm disease?  If you have other questions or concerns, let me know, and we will address those too!

(Do not wait until next month’s post if you need to know the answers to these questions now – ask me or ask your local vet – do not worry about spoiling the surprise!)

April 2011…How do these medications work?

May, June, July…I have not planned that far ahead!  What do YOU want to know about heartworm disease??  THAT is what we will talk about!

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7 Responses to “Happy Heartworm-Free February!”

  1. Kristine says:

    It IS fun! Thanks for the reminder. I am terrible about this sort of thing, which is not good. Maybe I need to set an alarm or something.

  2. admin says:

    Everyone is! That’s why I thought monthly reminders would be helpful – especially for me! : )

  3. Thanks for this. I use revolution for Georgia and Rufus. Last week of the month is my mantra! I was just looking at your chemical list and wondering why revolution has something totally different form the others. Is that a good or bad thing?

  4. P.s. Yes please, I would like to know if there are valid drug free options! :)

  5. admin says:

    Hi Georgia Little Pea! YAY that you have a mantra! This’ll just be a reminder if you forget! Selamectin actually IS related to the other heartworm medications – all in the same class.That was kind of a trick question – there are no valid drug free options that will kill the L3 stage of heartworm (the little guys in the bloodstream – ick) but all the medications are VERY safe and used at VERY low doses compared to other things they are used for.So I always always recommend staying on heartworm preventative medications even though there ARE good non-drug ways to decrease mosquito exposure – you just can’t keep every one away.

  6. Thanks Dr Finch! A trick question eh? Trust me to fall for it :pMaybe I can hang mosquito nets all over the house or better still, make Rufus and Georgia little mosquito proof suits like you see on discovery channel :) We are having monster swarms right now. Even MY legs and arms have little red lumps and I don’t usually! I think they’re becoming RESISTANT to zappers, coils, sprays and everything else we fling at them. Some cold weather will slow them down. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing we’re in short supply of at the moment!Thanks again for the info. Very helpful :)

  7. admin says:

    Oh man! You are making me love our piles and piles of snowed in mosquito-free weather! Yup, do all that but keep the pups on the Revolution too :)

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