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While I wait for life to get less sad, I have been writing considerably less than usual.  After Fuzzy and Wuzzy Rats and Piggy the guinea pig passed away, I could see where this season was heading, and put a few Very Favorite Writing Projects on hold (The Wagging Tail Blog and ) and cut down my writing here to a much slower pace.  My Carefresh Ask-a-Vet project is still full speed, but that one is Q&A – much easier, and a good respite from the sadness.  Good call on the slowing down thing, though.

best personal essays

 Ebony Dog and Princess Gerbil passed away soon after.  Russ has gotten me “I’m a winner” stickers that I wear every day I get out of bed since Ebony died.

100% success so far.  I am a winner.  75% success staying out of bed.  I am STILL a winner.  I still get a freaking sticker.  (Yes I really wear them.  Unless we just met, and even then, really, it should be obvious what a dork I am.  I LOVE the stickers.)

Anyway, that is all my prelude to my Super Awesome List I have for you.  Until I can get back to writing more regularly (and even then), here are some MORE great veterinary blogs I found thanks to veterinarians on my first list of great veterinary blogs. If there are more veterinary blogs you love, let me know! Yes, this is getting out of hand – I love it!  And yes, we should be out saving and preserving lives.  We take turns.  You know, as a worldwide veterinary community.  Save-write-sleep-repeat.

More Great Veterinary Blogs

Also, I included a few blogs from human medicine, because they are just awesome.

can’t spell, dvm

CantSpell, DVM

Funny Vet

Dr. Scott

The Real Housecats of Orange County

Dr. Kelly Wright

The Story Behind the Pictures

Dr. Leslie Brown Sheridan


Toronto Vet

A Vet’s Guide to Life

Dr. Chris Bern

Vogue Vet

Vogue Vet

The Weird Veterinary World

C. Todd Dolen, DVM

and 2 people blogs…

Dr. Grumpy in the House

Dr. Grumpy, MD, Neurologist

33 Charts

Bryan Vartabedian, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterologist

And, of course, remember to visit the wonderful pet bloggers in the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop…

Coming Soon on Riley and James (and quite a few other blogs, I have a feeling…)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt the Internet!

Happy 15th Birthday Petfinder!

Thank you Pet Savers everywhere for all you do to help pets!!

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4 Responses to “More Great Veterinary Blogs”

  1. This looks like a good link to remember. I’ll have to check out these blogs as I’m learning quite a bit from reading the couple that I already follow (I don’t know how my long-suffering vet feels about this :p).Princess Gerbil? :( Did I miss a post? I’ve been trying to lessen my blogging too lately, and could have.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Georgia Little Pea! You are so great ♥♥♥♥♥♥You did not miss Princess Gerbil…I have not written about her yet since she passed away, but I will. She died 8 days after Ebony and I was just not ready for a fifth memorial post. She was a great little friend though and very silly. I will try to write about her soon.

  3. Didn’t know about the Wagging Tail Blog–looks like a great amount of effort has been put into that! Glad to see you’re enjoying 33 Charts too–I really like it, and there are a surprising number of similarities, but with a different perspective! Hugs and healing thoughts for your continued grieving…

  4. admin says:

    Thanks Dr. Burcham! Yeah, it is fun to get to contribute to The Wagging Tail Blog. I said that I thought I would be back to speed by April. I miss it, so here’s hoping…I really do like 33 Charts – thank you again : )Things are getting better. It helps to have friends and family around who understand. (((hugs)))

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