The Complete Cat’s Meow

The Complete Cat’s Meow

Everything You Need to Know about Caring for Your Cat


Darlene Arden

Five Stars!


I LOVE this book! For all the wrong reasons…

The cover (by which, as you know, I judge a book) is GORGEOUS! The beautiful model is not Max the Cat, but he sure could be…

(Surprisingly, Max has never modeled professionally.)

I love the picture on the back of a cat licking his paw. And of course, I love the picture of Darlene and her beautiful Aimee Cat. Of all the many books I have read this year, this one has my very favorite cover! I am going to keep it out for that very reason.

It was written by Darlene Arden! I love her.

She mentioned me in the acknowledgements! Woo! I am in a book! Thank you Darlene!

And most of all, I love this book for all the right reasons…

It is an excellent cat resource – cat health, cat behavior, cat training (Yes! Of course!) and even cat breeds, of which I tend to be a rescue-oriented eye-rolling Max the Domestic Shorthair Orange Tabby-loving ignorer. Though, as you may have guessed, I have always secretly wanted a Sphinx.

(Even better than a Sphinx!)

I am now a reformed cat breed ignorer, and I very much loved the chapter on cat breeds and their origins and the awesomeness of each.

Throughout the book are wonderful insights into the value Darlene puts on rescue, welfare, and of course, cats themselves. Not surprising, knowing Darlene (and reading the title!) but I always love to hear from the heart of a cat lover.

I also loved learning about CAT AGILITY. That one I did not know, but I so want to start training Max now! He honestly would do quite well as he is super smart. I will let you know what I learn!

The veterinary and health information is exactly right. The pictures are super cute. The book is easy to read and will be easy to use as a quick resource. You NEED this book. You will love it, and you will learn about and appreciate your cat/cats/cats-to-be even more than you already do.

Bunny Trails: I plan on visiting all of the websites referenced in the book. Some I know, and some are new to me, but they all sound really great. Also, I am looking up the Nebraska Cat Agility Club…or maybe starting one.

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  1. Jodi says:

    Are you SURE someone did not sneak into your house and take a picture of Max-Cat for the cover of this book? Max-Cat apparently has a twin! :)

  2. I know! Isn’t the cover GORGEOUS?? Maybe Max should model…

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