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I am SO excited about my newest writing project!  I have been working with CareFRESH for a little over a year, and the team decided to start a blog on the website.  I love it!

Lavender CareFRESH bedding complimented Fuzzy and Wuzzy’s gorgeous skin the best of all the colors…

With this project, I will be less able to just go with my random kicks, and need to focus on themes and schedules and such much more than I do here on Riley and James, which, honestly, will be very good for me!

I am fairly disciplined, but (I have only ever told Russ this, and just very recently…) a large part of my discipline is extrinsic.  For example, I love having a made bed every morning, but if FLYLady did not tell me to make my bed, I probably would not!  I love being a veterinarian, but if I had not had the structure of veterinary school, I would not have learned all that I have.

And I love writing about environmental enrichment of <hamsters>, but if I were not led to write about it, I probably would not!

I will write somewhat shorter posts than what I normally write here, focus on small pets – rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rabbits and ferrets – and send the team every single picture I have of Fuzzy, Wuzzy, Princess and Piggy!  Feel free to send cute pictures of your Warm Fuzzies too!

Wuzzy in her Classroom in a Box

I will let you know where on the CareFRESH website the blog is as soon as I know.  It will probably attract a similar crowd to the Ask-a-Vet part of the CareFRESH website (kids and adults who are in love with small pets – two of my very favorite subsets of humanity!)  It will be an interactive blog, which will be very fun.  I hope you will come join me as often as you can!

For now, will you help me come up with topics? Do you have questions that would be best answered in a longer post than the Q & A of Ask-a-Vet?  Are there things about your own favorite small pet species that you think everyone should know, but may not yet?  THIS is going to be fun, people! :)

Princess Gerbil



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12 Responses to “CareFRESH Blog!”

  1. Jana Rade says:

    Sounds very cool and sounds that you’re really excited about it! :-)

    Clearly I have only big pets at this time, but I used to have a rabbit and a guinea pig. Might be a dumb question, but how is it with feeding them raw potatoes? Are they bad for them?

  2. Hi Jana! You can feed them small amounts of raw potatoes – That is a SMART question :)

    I just have big guys now too…well not Rottie big, but bigger than a mouse! <:8

  3. Kristine says:

    Congratulations on your new gig! That’s so exciting.

    Right now I only have a dog and a cat but growing up my sister and I co-owned two gerbils. I was never very good at looking after them, unfortunately, but they both lived for over five years. Sometimes I wonder if it was our lack of attention that lengthened their lives.

  4. Dear Dr Finch,

    What an exciting new project! Yes, I have a very important question for you to answer please.

    How do you make a rat or possum stand still and not run away so I can go up to it? I met a ferret in the park once. It’s scary.

    My Typist says a big thank you for being so nice and sharing your thoughts. We will look out for The Paw every time we’re here.

    Much love and please have a good weekend. Although it’s horribly cold and wet here, we hope it’s warm and sunny for you.

    Yours, Georgia xox

  5. Kristine-haha maybe! We had two gerbils growing up too. I don’t remember how long they lived…5 years is awesome! If they were like our most recent Princess Gerbil and did not like much attention, it probably did let them live to a good old age!

  6. Dear Georgia Little Pea,

    I look forward to the day when I can talk with you and your Typist and wear mascara on the same day. Eh, I don’t actually like makeup all that much, so that is a silly goal, I suppose!

    I would not try to make friends with possums. I hear they are crabby things. Rats, however, are wonderful. Especially pet rats. Ebony Dog would remind the rats that she was their friend and get right up to the corner of the habitat. Sometimes Wuzzy Rat would pet her on the nose. Try that and see if it works.

    It is cold and wet here too. Maybe we live closer than I thought. *spinning globe* …nope *sigh* Have a good weekend too!

    • ME? Pat a rat? Hmmm…My Typist is rolling on the floor. What do you think that means Dr Finch?

      • Dear Georgia Little Pea,

        What do you do when you are SO excited you cannot wait for something fun?? Like the dog park or a treat or a walk…You ROLL! Your Typist wants a pet rat of course! (You may want to confirm that with her before you bring one home :D)

    • AAAHHH!!! Dr. Burcham, those are some of THE cutest rats (and gerbil!) I have ever seen! Do not feel as though you have to stop! I love them all but the nakkies remind me of Fuzzy and Wuzzy :)

      o – I have never made an e-collar a rat couldn’t maneuver around! Yours is super cute though (for what that is worth!)

      On to guinea pigs! (I am getting you started-ha!) I JUST today read your articles on piggies and chinchillas and loved them both.

      I just told the poor CareFRESH blog starter upper guy I would not pile more pix and initial posts on him, but these are TOO cute. AND Russ found one today of Wuzzy eating a lollipop ♥

  7. Hey, that is one of my favorites, too! I LOVE your article! That is what I would have said about graphic design if I could have put it into words!

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