I Love This Season

I have been dealing with huge amounts of eustress, which, as you know, will knock me out just as well as distress.  Work is great.  I love the people.  Russ is good.  The girls are good.   The pets are…well, here are pictures from right this minute




Joy, Noodle and Max are apparently dealing with astress, which is not actually a word.   My adrenal glands are tired.  I doubt theirs are.

I updated every single post on Life With Dogs, which was actually really fun.

Every Single Post on Life with Dogs

I met Dr. Ogilvie.

Our whole family took a super fun trip to Kansas City and I (finally! yay!) met Kristi Reimer and Jessica Zemler.

I met forty eight coworkers.

I met my new dog-in-law, Lucy.  Russ’ parents adopted her from Mom’s cousin Chris.  Which means she has come from a great home and landed in an equally great home.  Also, she is no longer my third cousin, but we are still related.  She is a one year old Maltese X Pekingese. She is super cute:

I started some new projects. (Don’t let me forget to tell you about them!)

And…I am staying up late into the night every night processing all of that. Perhaps my pets are not lazy.   Perhaps they are very, very wise.

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5 Responses to “I Love This Season”

  1. Pup Fan says:

    Make sure you find some time to relax in there too! :)

  2. Cute pics! Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

  3. Thanks Friends! I will :)

  4. Moxie Dogs says:

    We love your blog! These are great pictures. You and your pets are very wise! x Berner girls

  5. Shawn Finch, DVM says:

    Thanks Moxie Dogs! I love your blog too! Your pups are gorgeous!

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