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Sometimes It Lasts in Love

Monday, November 21st, 2011

…and sometimes you have a pet.

I first heard the term “compassion fatigue” at a lecture by veterinary oncologist Greg Ogilvie a few months ago.  I was having trouble differentiating the term from “burn out” until I read up on both and realized I am most likely  struggling with both.

“Compassion Fatigue symptoms are normal displays of chronic stress resulting from the care giving work we choose to do.”  from Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project ©

This is directly related to giving compassion away and allowing yourself to become exhausted.  It is a narrow term that describes the possible effects of caring without adequately replenishing personal reserves.  Compassion fatigue is a condition that affects caregivers such as nurses, doctors, clergy, veterinary team members

burn out – “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration” – from Merriam-Webster dictionary

This is a more general term describing the exhaustion caused by normal day-to-day work-related stresses.  Burn out can affect anyone.

I will always look stuff up and try to figure it out before I see a professional.  I know you google “dog” “snotty nose” “weird bark” before you come see me too.  We can’t help it.  And there is so much to be learned.  I really think that is okay.  I promise to call in the experts to help me solve stuff way outside my expertise if I get in over my head if you promise to do the same.

This week I had several euthanasia appointments, a few euthanasia consultations and more clients with pets who have recently passed away who I am trying to help transition from “I have an older pet who needs very involved care” to “I miss my friend.”  That has been my year too.  And the year of a very good friend.  And now, as of this morning, that has “officially” become the year of another very good friend.  Pet loss and sadness.  It isn’t like we didn’t know how the stories would end.  It isn’t like I didn’t know this would be a very significant portion of my career.

In my ever-faltering attempt to be a positive influence, I said to my team at work after a particularly sad day this past week, “And THAT is how God answers prayer.”

But do you know what?  Sometimes it is.

And do you know what else?  Things are probably going to get better.  They almost always do.

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Someone Like You



“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.”

I know this beautiful song is not about pet loss, but I still love it.  And listening to music is healing.  When Adele writes that one, I will post a link to it too. ♥

Until We Meet Again…

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Thank you for keeping me company.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for supporting Nebraska Humane Society and the other great causes of Blogathon.  Because of you, money was raised, awareness was spread and pets found forever homes.  That is huge people.

Be sure to check all the great posts from the past twenty-four hours…after you rest!

When our Ebony Dog died this past February, I went looking for a pawprint picture to post in her memory when I missed her.  I found this really cute one…

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When you see it here or on Life With Dogs or dvm360, it means something about that post reminded me of her, or I was just missing her when I posted it.  Eb’s pawprint has shown up all over Blogathon on all sorts of sites.  I love that.  I know she would have loved that too.

We adopted Ebony a decade ago from Denver Dumb Friends League.  I did this Blogathon for Dr. V and other online friends and for the people of Nebraska Humane Society and for the shelter pets like Ebony needing to get home to their new families as soon as they can and because it is so much fun.  I also did it in honor of Ebony Dog.  She was the best dog I ever knew, and I miss her very much.

Ebony Dog Keeping Me Company, Blogathon 2010

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You Rock!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Woo!  This just in from Elizabeth at NHS!

Naughty Kitten

Naughty Kitten found a home!

No Name Kitty

Nameless Kitty found a home!

foxy roxy

Foxy Roxy found a home!

All during Blogathon!  You guys rock.

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

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Thank you!!



Donating to Nebraska Humane Society

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

If you donate money to Nebraska Humane Society during Blogathon, your donation will be DOUBLED by a Secret Pet Saver. So if funds are tight, but you can give a few bucks, your money will go twice as far!

What else can you do to support Nebraska Humane Society?

Volunteer – If you are 15 years old or older, you can volunteer!

Support – In Real Life, on facebook, on twitter – So many pets, most notably the cats, have found homes because of your efforts in spreading their stories and pictures.

Wave – The animal control crew has a tough job.  Day-to-day work is rough, but they often have to check abuse cases, follow-up complaints and do other Pet Saving but emotionally exhausting things.  If you see their white vans with the cute pets and NHS logo, wave to let them know you appreciate them!

Shop – Animal Outfitters, the NHS gift shop right inside the front door has the funnest things – and some hard-to-find essential pet stuff, like unusual Kong products, Angel Eyes and Oxbow small animal products.


And Any Color of Leash You Could Possibly Need!

And Purple Mooses!


Donations – Many of the things needed by the pets at NHS you may already have around the house and not even know they can use!  For more ideas, check the NHS Wish List on their website.



dog food

cat food



puppy and kitten formula and bottles

Warning: If your gift is too beautiful, they may hang it on the wall to make NHS more beautiful…I LOVE these quilts!  They always make me happy to be at NHS.


If you live outside of Omaha, your local shelter could probably use some of these gifts as well.  You can always call them and ask!

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

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Thank you!!




Nebraska Humane Society is Opening Right Now!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

It is 10:00 am Central Time and Nebraska Humane Society is opening RIGHT NOW for adoptions.

I didn’t mean to highlight so many adoptable pets over this past day.  I really meant to post cute pictures to go with my Blogathon posts.  But they are cute, huh?  If we raise lots of money for Nebraska Humane Society, and lots of pets find their forever home this weekend, how cool would that be?

If you happen to adopt a pet this weekend, let me know.

If you know of any pets who have been adopted, let me know.  Elizabeth!  Nikki!  Wake up!  Tell me the story of Dennis the Budgie again.  But make it louder and more dramatic…so I stay awake.  K thanks.

If you have room in your family, adopt.  If you have the means to give, donate.  If you want to know how else you can support Nebraska Humane Society, I will start a brainstorming list and post if for my next post.  Most of the ideas in my head are free…and all of them are fun.

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

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Thank you!!


Missing Brains

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

I think that Blogathon 2011 has turned our dogs into Zombies.

I am not sure about some aspects of  zombie pathology. I know that some force of evil or some abomination of nature causes a plague of walking dead.

I know that cheesy movies have portrayed lurching, moaning and relentless creatures. Depending on  creativity and budget, these creatures are anything from slow, plodding, dim witted stiffs as in “Night of the Living Dead” to incredibly fast, vicious, unstoppable monstrosities, like “Legend” and more recent films.

I know that one consistent theme is a desire for attacking the living.  This is most commonly associated with wanting “brains” or “brraaaaaaaainzzz”.

What I don’t know is why zombies need brains.  Is it because theirs fell out or stopped working? If so, then our dogs are zombies today.

That, or the fact that we did not go to bed has short circuited their brains.

Now, normal for our dogs is not too bright anyway, but it is fairly predictable. Once we are awake, they dance around to go outside, then dance around until their food is served, then bring us toys to see if we will play instead of going to work.  Then they settle down a bit.

This morning, they are trying really hard to sleep because thy spent last night trying to make us play instead of blog and sleep instead of blog and give them extra food instead of blog.  However, when we get up from blogging, their brain tries to make them go into the regular morning routine.  It makes them appear really confused, and their dancing is a bit clumsy. They are whining and a little growly and sighing a lot too. In short, they seem to be lurching, moaning and relentless creatures.

They are not sure what they want, but know we have it.  Even the slightest movement will make them rise from their restful positions and come at us in their clumsy lurches.


Ok, crisis averted, they just needed some dog food.

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

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Thank you!!


The Hours Go By

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Dawn breaks on Blogathon 2011.  We are not impressed with dawn, or the reported zombies of some other blogs. We survived the night and will keep this thing going.  Thanks for all your support so-far.

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

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Thank you!!



Warm Fuzzies

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

I love the corner of Nebraska Humane Society where all the warm fuzzies are!  Mr. Snuggles lives there.  So did Dennis the Budgie (I heard he may have been adopted yesterday – yay!)  Just past those guys is a small room with the rodents.  They are all super cute.  I only got good pictures of the gerbils, so I will show you those guys.  Also there are mice, rats and sometimes hamsters.  Leda Frost, who volunteers in the small pet corner, offered some tips and fun facts about the little pets!

I love how he checks behind his water bottle before he gets a drink! Silly gerbil!


Pet tips from Leda, NHS Small Pet Volunteer…

  • Freezing bedding for 24 hours before use kills mites.
  • Pine and aspen bedding should never be used – irritates the sensitive respiratory systems of small pets.
  • Be extremely careful when handling rabbits because of their easily hurt backs.
  • Hiccups and reverse sneezes are not uncommon for ferrets.

Be sure to tell Leda “hello” if you go to see the small pets!  I know she spends extra time socializing and handling and loving them during their time at Nebraska Humane Society.

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

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Thank you!!



From the Other Small Finch

Sunday, November 13th, 2011
From Amanda (10)…
1.  :) 

2.  I’ve got it! An idea!!!
3.  umm…I think…
4.  hmm…What should it be???
5.  well…maybe…NAHH! hmm….
6.  well, if I….no, that’s dumb.
7.  Nope, cant do that.
8.  Let’s try…No, that won’t work either!  AAARRRGH!!!!!!
9.  Well, no…That won’t work!!!  grr…
10.  Wow. I can’t think of anything!!!!!
11.  Hello? Can anyone help me???
12.  Omigosh. It’s just before the middle of blogathon and I can not think of anything!!!!
13.  Well, I guess I have time…
14.  Uh…Well I can’t do that, it looks silly!
15.  Uh hi. I’m too tired to think
At about Post #8, I asked Amanda when she was going to actually post content, and she said this was all leading up to it!  Now she is fast asleep :)
If you think my kids are awesome for staying up all night to support Nebraska Humane Society, please click here!

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Thank you!!

From the Smallest Finch

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Both of my daughters did Blogathon with me this year to support Nebraska Humane Society – I am so proud of them!  They lasted well into the night!  Here is what they had to say…

From Abby (9)…


This is baby, the baby.


I now present the one and only, Flurry!:)

This is joyful Joy! :D

Puppy time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like doggies.

Puppies!!!!! :)

Cute :)


Puppies are cute.

Puppy dog





Sorry, I can’t do any more pictures :(
The End
Next up…Amanda’s Blogathon Posts!
If you think my kids are awesome for staying up all night to support Nebraska Humane Society, please click here!

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Thank you!!