Blogathon 2011 is Here!

Third Annual Pawcurious Blogathon

Twenty-Four Hour Long Fundraiser for Animals in Need

2:00 pm Saturday, November 12 – 1:00 pm Sunday, November 13 Central Time

on Many Fine Blogs Near You

Elizabeth from Nebraska Humane Society: “What should our goal be for Blogathon 2011?”

me: “Five million dollars and every pet in the world, present and future, in a loving home forever.”

Debbie of Fearful Dogs: “You need to start dreaming bigger.”

And so it begins.  Mind you these goals were set today.  Dr. V of Pawcurious is the mastermind behind Blogathon and works long and hard behind the scenes every year to make this a success.  At least, I assume she does more prep work than I do.  Even so, today we were working on a Zombie Giraffe that we both just assumed would fit into Blogathon somewhere…

And, see?  It does! If you ask Dr. V or me to draw you ANYTHING, we will, for a donation to any participating Blogathon cause. Oh, who am I kidding?  Dr. V said “zombie giraffe” and the next minute I was at the art store shopping for drawing paper and grey Sharpies.  I will draw you anything you want just for fun.  What would you like??

Dr. V is blogging to raise money for a great San Diego wildlife sanctuary, Lions, Tigers and Bears.  Also, apparently in San Diego this weekend, there might be zombies.  I am blogging with a WONDERFUL group to raise money for Nebraska Humane Society.  More info to follow!  Every hour for twenty-four hours starting tomorrow at 2:00 pm in fact.

See full size image

Blogathon 2011 Participants

Dr. V of Pawcurious


Lions, Tigers and Bears

See full size image

Riley and James

Amanda Finch

Abby Finch

Elizabeth Hilpipre of The Wandering Duck

Debbie Jacobs of Fearful Dogs

Heather Lee of Radio Station Q-98

Carol Zuegner

all supporting

Nebraska Humane Society

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Su Smith and her Students at Cornerstone Christian School supporting Pawsitively Texas

Jana Rade of Dawg Blogger supporting Eagle’s Den Rescue

BZTAT supporting Okey’s Promise

Kol’s Notes supporting Lucky Dog Rescue

My Brown Newfies supporting Columbus Zoo

Nancy Krohn of A Shepherd’s Voice supporting Bluff Country Canine Rescue and Adoption Center

Roberta Boyle supporting Bridey Boyle Liver Shunt Surgery on Facebook and ChipIn

Michelle Maskaly and Toby Pup of My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much supporting North Country SPCA

More Awesomes

An Anonymous Donor is matching every donation to Nebraska Humane Society made during Blogathon!  Thank you Secret Pet Saver!

Amanda Brown, DVM (my imaginary best friend) and Patrick Mahaney, DVM

Keeping Dr. V Company at Lions, Tigers and Bears

Phil Barnes and Hilary Israeli, VMD

Being Awesome, as Usual

Jodi Finch

Guest Post on Riley and James

Katie Knapp Schubert of Omaha Public Radio KIOS-FM

Guest Post on Riley and James

Russ Finch

Guest Post on Riley and James


Providing Chocolate, Caffeine and Company (the three things we need most) for the next twenty-four hours for his three favorite people (Thank you Finch!)

A Big Thank You and Hugs to…



Life With Dogs

for helping spread the word about Blogathon 2011!

Let me know if you know of additions to the list, and jump in wherever you would like!  Donate…blog…adopt…spread the word on facebook, twitter and Real Life.  Add this super cute participant button to your blog if you would like.  THIS is going to be fun people!

Click the picture below to donate to Nebraska Humane Society!




4 Responses to “Blogathon 2011 is Here!”

  1. Jodi says:

    Yay! I’m excited. Bring on the coffee & the laptops :)

  2. Nancy K says:

    Hi Shawn!

    I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to participate. in Blogathon this year but a friend asked me to care for her animals while she is out of town and I don’t have a laptop so don’t have access to a computer while I’m at her place. Thus, no hourly posts! I do think Blogathon is a wonderful idea and look forward to participating in the future.

    That being said: Where are YOUR hourly posts???


  3. Hi Dr. Kay! That is ok! My hourly posts will be here at Riley and James! So when you do have a computer, come say hi! :D

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