Donating to Nebraska Humane Society

If you donate money to Nebraska Humane Society during Blogathon, your donation will be DOUBLED by a Secret Pet Saver. So if funds are tight, but you can give a few bucks, your money will go twice as far!

What else can you do to support Nebraska Humane Society?

Volunteer – If you are 15 years old or older, you can volunteer!

Support – In Real Life, on facebook, on twitter – So many pets, most notably the cats, have found homes because of your efforts in spreading their stories and pictures.

Wave – The animal control crew has a tough job.  Day-to-day work is rough, but they often have to check abuse cases, follow-up complaints and do other Pet Saving but emotionally exhausting things.  If you see their white vans with the cute pets and NHS logo, wave to let them know you appreciate them!

Shop – Animal Outfitters, the NHS gift shop right inside the front door has the funnest things – and some hard-to-find essential pet stuff, like unusual Kong products, Angel Eyes and Oxbow small animal products.


And Any Color of Leash You Could Possibly Need!

And Purple Mooses!


Donations – Many of the things needed by the pets at NHS you may already have around the house and not even know they can use!  For more ideas, check the NHS Wish List on their website.



dog food

cat food



puppy and kitten formula and bottles

Warning: If your gift is too beautiful, they may hang it on the wall to make NHS more beautiful…I LOVE these quilts!  They always make me happy to be at NHS.


If you live outside of Omaha, your local shelter could probably use some of these gifts as well.  You can always call them and ask!

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

Donate Pink


Thank you!!




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