From the Other Small Finch

From Amanda (10)…
1.  :) 

2.  I’ve got it! An idea!!!
3.  umm…I think…
4.  hmm…What should it be???
5.  well…maybe…NAHH! hmm….
6.  well, if I….no, that’s dumb.
7.  Nope, cant do that.
8.  Let’s try…No, that won’t work either!  AAARRRGH!!!!!!
9.  Well, no…That won’t work!!!  grr…
10.  Wow. I can’t think of anything!!!!!
11.  Hello? Can anyone help me???
12.  Omigosh. It’s just before the middle of blogathon and I can not think of anything!!!!
13.  Well, I guess I have time…
14.  Uh…Well I can’t do that, it looks silly!
15.  Uh hi. I’m too tired to think
At about Post #8, I asked Amanda when she was going to actually post content, and she said this was all leading up to it!  Now she is fast asleep :)
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2 Responses to “From the Other Small Finch”

  1. I love that you’re pushing “quality content” with your 10 year old. Let’s face it – you just wanted her to post so YOU didn’t have to think of something. Kind of makes me wish I had a 10 year old last night!

    • I totally relied on the kids for the next two posts after they crashed! You caught me! Amanda woke up to post a summary but fell back asleep. Abby has not yet woken back up! When they are up later in the afternoon, I will ask them for summaries :D

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