Guest Post from Russ!

Thank you Russ for doing a guest post!  You are the best :)

Top Ten Reasons to NOT Take Me to Nebraska Humane Society:

10. I will tap on the glass to get the attention of cute cats in spite of the signs. I can’t help it.

9. I will spend money there on pet stuff, even if we don’t need it. They have good stuff and I like to support them. We are on a budget here.

8. We have a full house of pets and can’t get more. Eventually this logic will fail.

7. I have pet allergies, but that will not stop me from putting my face in their faces and I need to make breathing a higher priority than that.

6. If you are counting on me to be the logical one, we will become crazy cat and dog people and wind up on the news for bad reasons.

5. I have a lab mix addiction that I can barely control. Best not to push it.

4. Our cat does not like cats. Neither did I until I got him. Now I want ALL the cats. He will not allow that.

3. Every time I go, I spend a couple days wishing I would have brought “______” home.

2. If we adopt ALL the pets, so many good people will be without their intended furry friend. I want everyone else to have a chance to adopt them too.

1. Look at this one! He’s so cute. We could have one more, really. Hey, let me go! I do’t want to leave! Hey!….

Ok, seriously, I can’t go too often or we will wind up with too many pets. But you all should go. Maybe your pet is there waiting for you now. If you are like me and can’t do that responsibly, then do the next best thing and support them with a donation!

To donate to Nebraska Humane Society, please click here:

Donate Pink



Thank you!!


2 Responses to “Guest Post from Russ!”

  1. I hear ya! Everytime I spend a few hours at our shelter I am overcome by a powerful urge to have dozens of dogs.

  2. Jodi says:

    Shane learned fast not to let me go to NHS too often. Except that one time when HE wanted to go back to get the baby Pit. Oh, and the pig.

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