Happy Heartworm Free November

Reasons to Continue Heartworm Preventative Medication Even Through the Winter…

Monthly medications kill the heartworm larva that are one month old or younger. So the end of heartworm season does not match up perfectly with the end of mosquito season.

The end of mosquito season does not match up perfectly with the start of cold weather.

Since dogs from heartworm endemic areas have been moved to new states to promote adoption (yay) heartworm has become more prevalent in areas in which it had not previously been commonly found.

Omaha has been very flood-y this year, which is ideal for mosquito proliferation.

Immiticide – the only approved heartworm treatment – is still not available.

You are protecting your pets, and by not having a heartworm infected pet for mosquitoes to bite, you are protecting your neighbors’ pets as well.

You are even protecting the sea lions at the zoo, who are also susceptible to heartworm disease.

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Baby Sea Lion says, “Thank You, Friend. I love you.”

sea lion pup by dagpeak, used with permission

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