Meet the Cats!

Obviously I could NOT get over how sweet and gorgeous this grey and white kitty is!  Moving on…

Sometimes the adoption fee of cats at Nebraska Humane Society is ZERO dollars!  How awesome is that?? Other times it is…I honestly cannot remember what because it is zero or 1 cent so often, not because cats aren’t priceless, but because these cats need homes!  And when they get homes, there is room for the next kitty.

What the Adoption Fee of A Nebraska Humane Society Kitty Covers…

The adoption fee of your new kitty

Your new kitty

An exam at Nebraska Humane Society

A Permanent Microchip ID

A test for feline leukemia

Spay or Neuter surgery


Vaccination against feline rhinotracheitis

Vaccination against feline calicivirus

Vaccination against feline panleukopenia

Treatment for disease while your kitty lives at NHS

Housing at NHS

Food at NHS

Toys at NHS

Socialization/Loving/Spoiling at NHS

Lots and lots of work on the part of NHS staff and volunteers to find YOU and find you your perfect kitty or kitties

Post-adoption Benefits…

The promise of a free new pet exam by any of most Omaha veterinary teams

Many, many years of unconditional love, foot warming, entertainment, company…

So?  What’d I forget?  Have you EVER heard of a better deal in the whole wide world??


me neither.

To donate to Nebraska Humane Society, please click here:

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Thank you!!


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