Meet the Big Dogs!

Last night, the Nebraska Humane Society team let my family visit and take pictures.  It was so much fun!  In the short time we were there, I trained some of the big dogs.  It is true that I am an amateur, but look at the great stuff they learned…

Show me your cute face!

Show me your “adopt me” face!

Good Dog!  Your family should be here any day now!

Show me your cute face!

Show me your “adopt me” face!

Good!  Again?

Show me “Pleeeeeease??”

Good Dog!  You are SO going home soon!

Show me “I’m a cute dog!”

Good!  How about “Adopt me please!”

Nice :)

One more!  Can any of you do “Cute face” and “Adopt me” all in one expression?

Aaahhh!  Good dog!  You did it! :)

Feel free to run to Nebraska Humane Society to adopt one of these super cute pups!  I have SO many more pictures and will post those too.

To donate to Nebraska Humane Society to keep these and the rest of the pets spoiled rotten until they go to their forever homes, click here…

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  1. That first pup is ridiculously cute. I just want to smoosh his face! So adorable.

  2. I know! They were all so sweet! I NEVER go to Nebraska Humane Society without saying hi to every single pet in the adoption area!

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