Missing Brains

I think that Blogathon 2011 has turned our dogs into Zombies.

I am not sure about some aspects of  zombie pathology. I know that some force of evil or some abomination of nature causes a plague of walking dead.

I know that cheesy movies have portrayed lurching, moaning and relentless creatures. Depending on  creativity and budget, these creatures are anything from slow, plodding, dim witted stiffs as in “Night of the Living Dead” to incredibly fast, vicious, unstoppable monstrosities, like “Legend” and more recent films.

I know that one consistent theme is a desire for attacking the living.  This is most commonly associated with wanting “brains” or “brraaaaaaaainzzz”.

What I don’t know is why zombies need brains.  Is it because theirs fell out or stopped working? If so, then our dogs are zombies today.

That, or the fact that we did not go to bed has short circuited their brains.

Now, normal for our dogs is not too bright anyway, but it is fairly predictable. Once we are awake, they dance around to go outside, then dance around until their food is served, then bring us toys to see if we will play instead of going to work.  Then they settle down a bit.

This morning, they are trying really hard to sleep because thy spent last night trying to make us play instead of blog and sleep instead of blog and give them extra food instead of blog.  However, when we get up from blogging, their brain tries to make them go into the regular morning routine.  It makes them appear really confused, and their dancing is a bit clumsy. They are whining and a little growly and sighing a lot too. In short, they seem to be lurching, moaning and relentless creatures.

They are not sure what they want, but know we have it.  Even the slightest movement will make them rise from their restful positions and come at us in their clumsy lurches.


Ok, crisis averted, they just needed some dog food.

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2 Responses to “Missing Brains”

  1. Sounds a lot like Koly. Now I *do* know a whole lot about Zombie pathology and the prevalent theory is that there will be a virus/bacterial infection that shuts down everything but the brain stem and instinctual functions…scary stuff, yo.

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