Nebraska Humane Society is Opening Right Now!

It is 10:00 am Central Time and Nebraska Humane Society is opening RIGHT NOW for adoptions.

I didn’t mean to highlight so many adoptable pets over this past day.  I really meant to post cute pictures to go with my Blogathon posts.  But they are cute, huh?  If we raise lots of money for Nebraska Humane Society, and lots of pets find their forever home this weekend, how cool would that be?

If you happen to adopt a pet this weekend, let me know.

If you know of any pets who have been adopted, let me know.  Elizabeth!  Nikki!  Wake up!  Tell me the story of Dennis the Budgie again.  But make it louder and more dramatic…so I stay awake.  K thanks.

If you have room in your family, adopt.  If you have the means to give, donate.  If you want to know how else you can support Nebraska Humane Society, I will start a brainstorming list and post if for my next post.  Most of the ideas in my head are free…and all of them are fun.

Please click here to donate to Nebraska Humane Society…

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Thank you!!


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