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The Finches are Fading Fast

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

The small Finches lasted WAY longer than I did!  I crashed right after Mr. Snuggle’s post and right before Russ’ post.  He stayed up to post the turtles for me.  I got up completely discouraged and no less sleepy.

I was concerned I may be a zombie…

My eyes are glazed over and pretty bloodshot.

My hair is messy.

My gait is stilted.

My speech is incoherent.

How I know I am just tired and not a zombie…

Zombies don’t have feelings.  At least in the movies they don’t.  I get all my zombie information from the movies.  And from you guys.

Zombies don’t know they look different.  I know I look like a zombie.

I know a self-diagnosis of “not a zombie” is not foolproof.  But I think I am ok.  Also, I am more awake and less discouraged.  I am ready to finish this with you.

You rest small Finches.  We’ve got it from here.  Great job.  I am so proud of you.

See full size image

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Turtle Pain Chart

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

We are half way there, people!  To celebrate, lets talk more about TURTLES!  The only thing better than one turtle post is two turtle posts!

For my whole career, I have been super neurotic (Yup, I could stop there)…super neurotic about pain control.  I do not ever want a patient in pain if it is in my power to control or eliminate it.  That being said, I have never found pain charts helpful.  I hear it is similar in human medicine.  I mean I hear from the show “Scrubs” and the super awesome blog “Hyperbole and a Half” not from actual doctors.

Recently, dog and cat pain charts were published and I just shook my head.  I am glad the veterinary community is as concerned about pain as I am.  I have not found the charts helpful.

I did, however, create this turtle pain chart.  Have I mentioned I like turtles?  And I have a (hilarious) weird sense of humor.

Turtle Pain Chart

1- No Pain

2 – Mild Pain

3 – Moderate Pain

4 – Severe Pain

5 – Nearly Fatal Pain


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Stop! Turtle Time!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

I promised that when we started getting loopy tired, I would start posting about turtles to keep us entertained.  I don’t know why that works, but it did last year, and turtles just amuse me.  I think they are awesome!

Here is one of the two turtles currently at Nebraska Humane Society looking for homes…

In Omaha turtle related news this week…

Man Arrested After Alligator, Drugs Found in Home on KETV News (I chose this rendition of the story because it includes mug shots.  Sorry.)

And finally, how great is this Turtle-Loving Zombie that Kol’s Mom found??  Who knew such a perfect clip would tie all of Blogpocalypse together??

Turtle Video on Kol’s Notes

Coming up next…Turtle Pain Chart

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My Favorite Signs at Nebraska Humane Society

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Here is my second favorite sign at Nebraska Humane Society…

Here is my very favorite sign at Nebraska Humane Society…

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Guest Post from Russ!

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Thank you Russ for doing a guest post!  You are the best :)

Top Ten Reasons to NOT Take Me to Nebraska Humane Society:

10. I will tap on the glass to get the attention of cute cats in spite of the signs. I can’t help it.

9. I will spend money there on pet stuff, even if we don’t need it. They have good stuff and I like to support them. We are on a budget here.

8. We have a full house of pets and can’t get more. Eventually this logic will fail.

7. I have pet allergies, but that will not stop me from putting my face in their faces and I need to make breathing a higher priority than that.

6. If you are counting on me to be the logical one, we will become crazy cat and dog people and wind up on the news for bad reasons.

5. I have a lab mix addiction that I can barely control. Best not to push it.

4. Our cat does not like cats. Neither did I until I got him. Now I want ALL the cats. He will not allow that.

3. Every time I go, I spend a couple days wishing I would have brought “______” home.

2. If we adopt ALL the pets, so many good people will be without their intended furry friend. I want everyone else to have a chance to adopt them too.

1. Look at this one! He’s so cute. We could have one more, really. Hey, let me go! I do’t want to leave! Hey!….

Ok, seriously, I can’t go too often or we will wind up with too many pets. But you all should go. Maybe your pet is there waiting for you now. If you are like me and can’t do that responsibly, then do the next best thing and support them with a donation!

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Mr. Snuggles

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

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Meet the Cats!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Obviously I could NOT get over how sweet and gorgeous this grey and white kitty is!  Moving on…

Sometimes the adoption fee of cats at Nebraska Humane Society is ZERO dollars!  How awesome is that?? Other times it is…I honestly cannot remember what because it is zero or 1 cent so often, not because cats aren’t priceless, but because these cats need homes!  And when they get homes, there is room for the next kitty.

What the Adoption Fee of A Nebraska Humane Society Kitty Covers…

The adoption fee of your new kitty

Your new kitty

An exam at Nebraska Humane Society

A Permanent Microchip ID

A test for feline leukemia

Spay or Neuter surgery


Vaccination against feline rhinotracheitis

Vaccination against feline calicivirus

Vaccination against feline panleukopenia

Treatment for disease while your kitty lives at NHS

Housing at NHS

Food at NHS

Toys at NHS

Socialization/Loving/Spoiling at NHS

Lots and lots of work on the part of NHS staff and volunteers to find YOU and find you your perfect kitty or kitties

Post-adoption Benefits…

The promise of a free new pet exam by any of most Omaha veterinary teams

Many, many years of unconditional love, foot warming, entertainment, company…

So?  What’d I forget?  Have you EVER heard of a better deal in the whole wide world??


me neither.

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C’mon Dennis Shake Your Tail Feathers

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

I love budgies!  They are so much fun!  And this one is such a character and so sweet!  I told Dennis that I wanted to take his picture, and, I am not making this up, he totally played it up, including showing me his beautiful blue tail and then looking over his shoulder to see if I was watching.

Adopt this silly bird and he will give you hours of entertainment!

My biggest wish for Dennis is that he gets a wonderful forever home soon.  My second wish for Dennis is that he gets to keep his super awesome name.  Best. bird. name. ever.

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Zombie Puggle!

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

“Can you draw a Zombie Giraffe for Blogathon?” asked Dr. V.

“Yes!” I said.

“I wonder if that is true,” I thought.

“You will need more grey.  Your Sharpies colors are too happy,” said my friend Jeff.  (Well, he said something like that.)

So I drew this…

And at “When I Grow Up I Want to be a Vet” this was posted…

And Amanda Brown, DVM is hanging out with Dr. V as seen here in all their comic beauty.

And Dr. V and I agreed we would attempt to draw anyone anything for a donation to any Blogathon cause.  And we will.  Kol’s Mom is blogging for Blogathon too, and she asked Dr. V and BZTAT and me if one of us could draw a Zombie Something in a chef hat.  So I did.

Look, my first commissioned art ever!  Or something.

Zombie Puggle!

If you make a donation to Nebraska Humane Society, I will draw you anything you would like!  I am also accepting donations to NOT draw more pictures!  Going for the highest bidder, people.

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An open letter to Ginger, Rosie, Clyde, and Nitro (or, My Lifelong Love of Dogs)

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Awesome Guest Post from Katie Knapp Schubert!  Thank you Katie!!

“My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I already am.” -author unknown

I’m happy to be a part of the Blogathon 2011, not just because it helps dogs, but because I’m a lifelong dog owner/dog parent myself.  Those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook (@katieontheradio or Katie Knapp Schubert, BTW) know that I frequently post about my two furry four-legged kids, Clyde and Nitro.  I love them to death.  More on them later.  But first, the story of two other dogs, two who have since crossed to the other side–and who I still love and miss dearly.

When I was six years old, my parents adopted a cocker spaniel/spitz mix puppy.  She was beautiful, with golden fur, and we named her Ginger.  Our ginger-ale-colored dog became a white furball during the winter, and shed that coat in warmer weather for her beautiful golden fur.  Ginger lived outside:  my Dad built her a dog house and put it under the cherry tree in our back yard.

Ginger lived to the ripe old age of 12:  from first grade until I graduated from high school, she was there.  Then she wasn’t.  I was devastated when she passed away.  Every morning I would look out my bedroom window and see Ginger, walking around or laying outside her house, waiting for someone to come outside.  It took some getting used to, as I prepared for college, to look out that bedroom window and see the dog house under the cherry tree…but no Ginger.  Ginger is buried next to that tree, and my Dad planted a beautiful flowering tree on the site.

Fast forward a couple of years.  I met my husband in a Political Science class at our alma mater, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  The first time I went to visit him at his place, I was met by a very excited, and very protective, boxer/pit bull mix named Rosie.  Rosie was his girl.  She slept in the bed with him, went on car rides with him…and my arrival was met initially with hostility.  My husband told me at one point that if I didn’t like dogs “it may have been a deal-breaker.”  Fortunately, Rosie warmed to me, and became my girl too.  She was a beautiful boxer mix, tan in color, big eyes, built like a tank.  She went on car rides with us, settled in to new homes with us, and loved to go for walks.

When we moved to west-central Illinois in 2006, we were a family of three:  my husband, Rosie the dog, and me.  Now, I believe things happen for a reason, whether good or bad.  One Friday morning, about 7am, there was a dog outside our apartment standing by the street sign, barking like crazy.  Enough already!  I’m trying to sleep!  My husband goes outside to see what’s going on, and comes in carrying a small, barky rat terrier mix.  Pointy brown ears.  All white with two brown patches.  He was adorable.  He was also housebroken, neutered, and without a collar or tags.

For five days, we searched for his owner.  Eventually, we took him to the Humane Society, where they had no record of him among their lost dogs.  We had two options: put him up for adoption, or take him home.  That underweight, collarless, abandoned dog is our Clyde.  Rosie took to Clyde almost immediately, and we grew to a family of four.  My husband named Clyde, because he said Clyde “looked like an old man’s dog.”  It’s become a very fitting name for him.

Rosie, Clyde, my husband, and I packed up and moved to Omaha in October 2007.  Longest car ride ever.  They adjusted well to their new surroundings in Nebraska.  But then we noticed changes in Rosie.  Her back legs were swollen.  She couldn’t get around very well.  We took her to the vet, and she was diagnosed with cancer. I t was advanced and she wouldn’t live much longer.  She died about two weeks after that vet appointment, in November 2008.  We were shocked and devastated.  Other than the swelling she was eating normally, playing normally, showing no other signs of being sick.  She was nine years old.  How could this happen?  Clyde was lost without his best friend Rosie, and so were we.

Two months later, we came across an ad for a dog for adoption in Bellevue, where we live.  Labrador Retriever puppy, neutered and has had all his shots, the ad said.  Must be adopted this week.  So we contacted the family and set up an appointment.  They sent us a picture of him, and said they really wanted him to go to a good home.  We arrived at their house a few nights later and immediately fell in love.  Here was the six-month-old puppy, named Nitro, playing with a sock, happy smile on his face.  He was the puppy of a military family.  The Airman was deployed, and they were the parents of two very small children.  They loved him like crazy, but couldn’t take care of him anymore.  We took Nitro home that night.  After a little circling the wagons and settling which dog was boss (Clyde won that battle), Clyde and Nitro became like brothers.  We were a two-dog household again.

I love Clyde and Nitro as though they’re my children.  When I come home from work, they’re waiting for me at the top of the stairs.  They sleep on the bed.  They follow us around the house.  They wake us up in the morning and sleep in with us on weekends.  They travel with us and love to take walks.  I can’t imagine my life without them.  Sometimes, the only thing that comforts me is Clyde and Nitro climbing up on the bed, lying down next to me, and wanting to be pet.

As I look back, there are things I wish were different. I wish Ginger would have been a house dog.  I wish I would have spent more time playing with Rosie.  I wish I wouldn’t get so angry and frustrated when Clyde is barking for no apparent reason.  I wish I would pull myself away from the computer more to play fetch with Nitro.  But I’m so thankful I had Ginger and Rosie in my life.  I know they’re in heaven.  And I hope I still have a lot of play time, and snuggle time, and TV-watching time, with Clyde and Nitro.  There are few things better than having a dog.

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