The Finches are Fading Fast

The small Finches lasted WAY longer than I did!  I crashed right after Mr. Snuggle’s post and right before Russ’ post.  He stayed up to post the turtles for me.  I got up completely discouraged and no less sleepy.

I was concerned I may be a zombie…

My eyes are glazed over and pretty bloodshot.

My hair is messy.

My gait is stilted.

My speech is incoherent.

How I know I am just tired and not a zombie…

Zombies don’t have feelings.  At least in the movies they don’t.  I get all my zombie information from the movies.  And from you guys.

Zombies don’t know they look different.  I know I look like a zombie.

I know a self-diagnosis of “not a zombie” is not foolproof.  But I think I am ok.  Also, I am more awake and less discouraged.  I am ready to finish this with you.

You rest small Finches.  We’ve got it from here.  Great job.  I am so proud of you.

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2 Responses to “The Finches are Fading Fast”

  1. Su Smith says:

    I zombie. Brain I need. Brain? Where brain you go? Sleep brain no find. Blogpocalypse. Yes. And that. Now blog. Brain. Where brain? Where?

  2. Shawn Finch, DVM says:

    Oh no Su! You too? This can’t be good…

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