This Project Just Got Bigger, People

In 2009, Dr. V of Pawcurious started Blogathon to raise money for her local humane society.

In 2010, a bunch of us joined her to raise money for a therapy dog for a little boy with epilepsy AND four other pet-related causes.

In 2011, we are raising money for TEN animal-related causes, and I keep losing track of how many of us there are!

How cool is that??

See how I did that?  Went from “pet-related causes” to “animal-related causes”?  This project just got bigger, people.

Dr. V is supporting Lions, Tigers and Bears, a wildlife sanctuary in San Diego.  So, really, I shouldn’t say “pet” because those guys aren’t pets.  But they are awesome.  Later we are going to learn if the lions and tigers like catnip in real time!  I think we should do a parallel study at Nebraska Humane Society with kittens and cats instead of lions and tigers.

Which brings me to the cause I am supporting…Nebraska Humane Society.  The second, and slightly more random reason I had to switch from “pet-related causes” to “animal-related causes” is Nebraska Humane Society was recently involved in the rescue of an American alligator from an Omaha home!  Just when you think they are all about the dogs and kittens, they go and surprise you.

I will settle in and try to focus on Nebraska Humane Society, even with all the awesomeness going on around me.  A BUNCH of us are blogging for Nebraska Humane Society, including Elizabeth right on the Nebraska Humane Society website!  You can donate to Nebraska Humane Society from the button at the bottom of each Riley and James post, or directly from the Nebraska Humane Society site – They both bring you to the same safe donation page.  Next up…cute pictures of cute pets…

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