Warm Fuzzies

I love the corner of Nebraska Humane Society where all the warm fuzzies are!  Mr. Snuggles lives there.  So did Dennis the Budgie (I heard he may have been adopted yesterday – yay!)  Just past those guys is a small room with the rodents.  They are all super cute.  I only got good pictures of the gerbils, so I will show you those guys.  Also there are mice, rats and sometimes hamsters.  Leda Frost, who volunteers in the small pet corner, offered some tips and fun facts about the little pets!

I love how he checks behind his water bottle before he gets a drink! Silly gerbil!


Pet tips from Leda, NHS Small Pet Volunteer…

  • Freezing bedding for 24 hours before use kills mites.
  • Pine and aspen bedding should never be used – irritates the sensitive respiratory systems of small pets.
  • Be extremely careful when handling rabbits because of their easily hurt backs.
  • Hiccups and reverse sneezes are not uncommon for ferrets.

Be sure to tell Leda “hello” if you go to see the small pets!  I know she spends extra time socializing and handling and loving them during their time at Nebraska Humane Society.

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3 Responses to “Warm Fuzzies”

  1. OMD! I had no idea about that freezer tip. Kind of awesome!

  2. Jodi says:

    Oh hay (pun intended) thanks for the freezer tip Leda! I have two ratties that we adopted from NHS back in March. They are little sweeties & we are so very happy to have them. Ok, I am so very happy, the jury is out whether Shane & the kids are happy…

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