Reassociating Super Cute Green Hats with Only Happy Things

My weekly article on Life with Dogs this week is about some of the weaknesses of the “A Dissatisfied Client Tells Ten People” mantra, often held up as set in stone, a warning to be feared and remembered.

A Dissatisfied Client Tells Ten People


Life With Dogs

I posted it at dvm360 also…

A Client Tells Ten People

The stories in the article are several years old (thank goodness!) but I know people in every career and industry with any connection to other people are concerned with excellence and good relations.  And that is good.  I do not think bad reviews are to be feared though.  So I said that.  And included this super awesome Oscar the Grouch hat:

which my Aunt Jeannine now needs, so I will find it for her.  She would look super cute in it, though she is not in the least bit grouchy.  Also, she lives in Florida.

Lorie Huston, DVM wrote a wonderful article, also published yesterday, expanding on some of my ideas and also discussing how the internet affects word of mouth marketing.

Word of Mouth Advertising, Social Media and Dissatisfied Clients


Social Media Savvy Pets

Someday I will tell you why I love this hat so, and chose it for my article, besides the obvious – it is a super awesome Oscar the Grouch hat!  And we are discussing grouchy clients.  For now I will say, hats like this look super cute on little girls and women.  A fun, friendly guy could also rock this look.  A horrible, threatening bully stomping around spewing hate, lies and venom wearing a super cute bright green hat (not an Oscar hat, that would have been even better…) just looks ridiculous.  If you see him, tell him to take the hat off, sit down and shut up.  Hmm…sounds like someday is today.  That was my whole story.

4 Responses to “Reassociating Super Cute Green Hats with Only Happy Things”

  1. Thank you for the link, Shawn. I love the Oscar the Grouch hat. I need one like too :)

  2. Shawn Finch, DVM says:

    Lorie – I will find it for you! Though you are not grouchy either! It is my new favorite hat though!

  3. Pup Fan says:

    From now on when someone is being unnecessarily grumpy, I’m just going to picture them in this hat and giggle.

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