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I Lost a Poodle! (Not a Real Poodle)

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

One of my resolutions this year is to return to a healthy weight.  I get discouraged when I see before and after pictures that go with weight loss success stories…

“I used to look like THIS! and in the time it took you to move your eyes to the other side of the magazine page, I lost a gazillion pounds, found a cuter t-shirt, and now I look like THIS!”

So, I wasn’t going to write about it at all.  Losing weight is a pretty emotional, personal thing.  But when has that stopped me from sharing anything?  Ha!  But since I am sharing, I will not play the “instant change” trick on you.  This is hard stuff.

It took me till mid-February to lose a couple ounces.  I was discouraged.

About the same time, I met a super cute gecko who weighed a couple ounces.  Gary was a complete being!  I had lost an entire gecko!  A few weeks later and I had lost SEVERAL geckos!  Woo!

Nevermind before and after (and NO there will be no pictures!  Haha!)  We all live in the NOW.  Even if you are not losing weight, you are striving to be healthy NOW.  You are trying and succeeding and trying another new thing NOW.  Life is not a snapshot one day and a second snapshot several months later.  It is much richer and deeper and moment by moment than that.

So I will tell you after several months of really watching what I eat, becoming more active, being encouraged by Real Life friends and family also on the same journey and the online encouragement of Dr. Ernie Ward, I lost a Poodle.  A small Poodle to be sure, but an entire Poodle.

In fact, Ernie Nelson is the smallest Poodle I know, but he would be sad if you said his weight was not incredibly important.  His weight is one of the most endearing things about him!  It is super important!

Then I lost the amount of weight that my friend Ike the Poodle weighs!  Still a small Poodle, but Ike too is Very Important.  This was another milestone!  Woo!

Several weeks later, and I am proud to say I have lost the same amount of weight as the Biggest Poodle I Personally Know Well weighs!  Woo!  Can you believe it??  The Biggest Poodle I Personally Know Well is our own Miniature Poodle, Noodle the Poodle.  Still, another whole Poodle!

I am using the Weight Watcher online system, which has been so helpful.  However, with Weight Watchers, you reach milestones and earn stars on your chart in 5 and 10% and 5 and 10 pound increments.  That seems a little arbitrary, don’t you think?

Next, I am going for medium sized Poodle mix and by the end of the year…


Then I will maintain my healthy habits and quit tying everything in my life to pets…

(Just kidding about the second part!)

Oh, Hai! :)

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I have not been posting at Riley and James for quite some time.  And I have missed it.  The only things I love more than Riley and James are Riley…and James!

So here is a post to get started again.  I will try to post once or twice a week.  I do have cute pet pictures and good stories.  Life has just been busy (good busy!)

Here are my excuses exciting life events:

  • I am working much more than I had been and at a job I love.  Just for the straight-forward time management aspect, I have had less time to write rough drafts, which is the majority of the time it takes me to write stuff.  Also, having a job I love, I have found I do not need the stress-relief of writing as much as I did.  I do need YOU though.  And I do love writing, and all things pet and veterinary.  So I will try to start up again!
  • I have new projects going on!  OK, Life with Dogs is not new, but much of my writing energy is going into my weekly articles on that site.  It has been super fun, and made me focus on actual medical education, something I drift from here on occasion rarely talk about here!
  • I have been drawing and coloring.  Which sounds silly.  But it is helping.  And it is fun.
  • I just joined the Editorial Advisory Board of Veterinary Economics too!  Woo!  That has been fun.  So much of the time I DO have for rough draft writing has been spent elsewhere.
  • To be honest, for the first four months of the job transition, when I was not at work or somewhere I had to be, I was sleeping.  I struggle with depression.  I had to process.  I internalize things to process them.  Then I wake up and life is awesome again.  I mean, it has been the whole time.  But now, I am, you know, awake more :)

So I think things are back to a healthy balance.  I will return to at least weekly posts.  I will let you know if things are rough instead of withdrawing into myself.  If I don’t show up for a bit, assume I am busy reading YOUR blogs, or out walking the dogs or playing in the garden!

See full size image

Coming Soon on Riley and James if I Get My Act Together:

  • Book reviews – The Happiness Project, The Thank You Economy and Confessions of a Surgeon (Five stars!  They are all excellent!!)
  • A product review of Pet Naturals Dog and Cat treats (Five stars!) and some other stuff (Five stars!)
  • The story of Joy the Puppy’s most recent preschool visit
  • As many pictures as I can take of the visit of our Goldendoodle puppy cousin, Bailey, who is on her way to our house right now!  (We love you Joe and Nikki ♥♥♥)
  • More short stories
  • Good stuff from Nebraska Equine Association’s Horse Fair this coming weekend.  I will be speaking on pet and horse therapy.  And mostly just absorbing awesomeness from the Real Horse People there!  I will let you know what I learn.  And show you pictures of all of the beautiful horses!