Congratulations Dr. McIlnay!

Dr. Tonya McIlnay, Omaha’s wonderful veterinary ophthalmologist and her equally wonderful team, moved into a new building recently and had their Open House tonight.

Remember when I went to the Farmers’ Market and I saw a dog and Vernon said (paraphrase) “It is going to be alright” and then it was? I again walked into a crowd On Purpose tonight and again it turned out just fine.

In fact, it was a very fun evening.  A hug from Dr. McIlnay right as I walked in the door and a tour from Jen and Shelly (MY coworkers, who were just being nice because they know how much I unlove crowds) is equally comforting as seeing a dog and having Vernon say everything will be okay.

Jen and Shelly - Thank you both! I think you are great.

Anyways, I am a grown up now.  I join crowds.  Because so many of my Favorites were there.  And I like Dr. McIlnay so much.  And her new hospital is really nice.  I would not have wanted to miss THAT.

So here are some pictures.  I forgot to get a picture of Dr. McIlnay’s vet tech, Susie, and my coworker Dr. Kanne, who are also my Favorites.  The pictures also do not do the beautiful building justice.  I bet if you called ahead and were super nice, they would give you a tour sometime.  It really is great.

Whitney, Trey and Becky, more awesome Gentle Doctor coworkers

Allison and Rhea, MORE awesome Gentle Doctor coworkers

Angie and Erin, still MORE awesome Gentle Doctor coworkers

Amanda, yet another awesome Gentle Doctor coworker

Pastor Mark and Pastor Wenda - They stayed after the Open House to offer a blessing for the new location and pray for Dr. McIlnay and her team. How cool is that?? I know! Very!

Pastor Wenda and Shawn McIlnay, Dr. McIlnay's husband who is AS NICE as his wife!

Dr. McIlnay and Dr. Backlund, another very nice Omaha veterinarian

May your pets never have problems with their eyeballs.  But if they do, may they be blessed with Dr. McIlnay as their doctor.


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  1. Other Mom says:

    Hey, I know those people!! How fun to see my friends and pastors on your blog!

  2. I know! Isn’t that fun? It was good to see all your friends :D I told them you said “Hello” and “Congratulations” to Dr. McIlnay and her family!

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