Panties and a Positive Outlook

At work we dedicated a small corner of the white board at each location to a “Positivity Corner.”  Team members can add to the list of random things that make us happy, mostly work related, but anything goes.  I post our lists on twitter.

The Positivity Corner was fun but  was eventually erased at two of the three locations.

At the third location, every morning, a team member volunteers a (ahem) verbal description of their underwear pattern and we use that for the border of the Positivity Corner.

We are all so amused with ourselves that I truly believe that as valuable as a positive outlook is in and of itself, the last Positivity Corner standing has survived the longest because we just thought we were hilarious.

Sometimes the mortality and morbidity inherent in our veterinary career needs to be balanced with a positive outlook, and sometimes getting through the day takes a little bit more.

Only on Riley and James people.

True story.

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2 Responses to “Panties and a Positive Outlook”

  1. I just saw this. I love it! Thanks for posting. If I get around to doing the same thing at work, I will send you a picture!
    Today, my list would include Starbucks :)

  2. Aw thanks Dr. Friend! You HAVE to send me a picture, and I will post it with these!

    My list would include Starbucks too!!

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