Camp Kindness 2012

Nebraska Humane Society has several sessions of a week long day camp for Omaha kids every summer.  I speak at the camp a few times a summer, and it is always so much fun.  I will be back this coming Tuesday and also post some actual photos.  My favorite was of the GIANT rat maze Brian had set up.  Fuzzy and Wuzzy Rats would have loved it!

As I am down to only “normal” pets (well, not so much normal as a cat and dogs), I brought Joy the Puppy with me, and she had a great time.  Here are 38 artistic renditions of Joy the Puppy at Camp Kindness.  I think they are all awesome.

(With a photo of Joy the Puppy for comparison)

Hey Camper, thank you for researching my Lab Something puppy!  I bet you are right – she probably does have some Greyhound in her with that long, beautiful nose!

And my favorite letter so far from a camper…

Dear Dr. Finch,

Thank you for coming with Joy and taking time off work.  I enjoyed it.  I want to do four jobs:  vet, work here as an animal control officer, be a dog trainer or work at the zoo.  I don’t know which to choose.  I’m thinking on doing all four…somehow!  And maybe K9 Unit.  But I’m going dogs, cats, horses, etc.  And they’re going to have babies.  Plus, I’m adopting children and NOT getting married!  Husbands are too much work!  Thanks!

from me:

Yeah, but they’re worth it.

Look at me!  I’m Ann Landers! :)

Thank YOU kids and counselors.  I love being a part of Camp Kindness.

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