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Do you know Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue?  I did not either until I became a part of the Gentle Doctor Animal Hospitals team and got to know their incredible leader Jackie.  This is one of the best rescue groups I have known, with some of the neatest – and of course most beautiful – dogs!

Meet Taysia Blue and the incredible rescue she inspired.

Thankfully, Taysia Blue is happy at home in the family I would want to be a part of were I a Husky!  Meet four other Huskies looking for foster homes…

Are you their foster family?

Do you know someone who might be?

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If I had a favorite Husky in the whole wide world, it would be Latte.  She is sweet and gentle and perhaps the prettiest dog I have ever met.

From Jackie:  “Latte needs a permanent foster – we’ll continue to cover her vet care, she just needs a home for the time she has left.”

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I also love Celeste.  She put her forehead down to bump heads with me when we met, which you know makes me love a dog forever.  I know you would love her too.

From Jackie:  “Celeste spent 9 or 10 years of her life in a shelter!!! She is 11 and deserves a home.”

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Neiko is gorgeous and playful and would love to meet you.

From Jackie:  “Neiko is an active and healthy senior.  He could be a perfect BFF, doesn’t like other dogs.  Husky life span is 15 years, he’s just 10.

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And then there is Zeus.  I have not met him, but I hear he is awesome.  Isn’t he gorgeous??

From Jackie:  “What’s not to love??  Zeus cuddles and loves to run and go for walks.”

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Please consider fostering one of these four great dogs.  If you know someone who may be able to help, please pass the word along.  Taysia Blue could always use your support, your kind words, your donations and your loving home – for adoption or as a foster home.  Check out their website for more information on these four and the rest of the group.  I promise you will never see more beautiful dogs than these!

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Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue




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