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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Our family recently attended our first ever Pug-o-ween, the biggest fundraiser of the year for Pug Partners of Nebraska – one of my all time favorite rescue groups!

Do you know what is cute?

A Pug, of course!

Do you know what is SUPER cute?


Do you know what is so cute I could have DIED?

Hundreds of Pugs and all of their dog friends dressed up for Halloween!

Pug-o-ween this way!

Seriously – hundreds!

Bumble Bee!


Devil and Angel Westies – too cute!

The long dogs – Sundae, Cow and Shark

and…Squirrel! Notice Chia Pug in the background…

A Beautiful Butterfly and…Shark!

Pugasaurus – RAWR

There is nothing cuter than a Pug saying “please”!

What is SO cute about 3-legged Chihuahuas that I have to include them in EVERY photo collection?

…I think it is their adorable little 3 legs and undefeatable Chihuahua spirit. And also their cuteness.

Black dogs just look good in every color!

A Dachshund hotdog is still my all time favorite costume.

This dog has the sweetest soul! We spent some time just conversing telepathically :)

On your marks…get set…

Hope you didn’t have any money on the Pug facing backwards!

“You’re a funny looking Pug!” “Well you’re a funny looking…Pug!”

Lobster Pug

This IS my costume.

Hippo Pug is worn out from that intense race!

You have our full attention. And hopefully treats.

This Poodle was so happy to be pet he almost fell over!

Lots of minis to be seen…which are just adorable on Pugs.

Of all the raffle prizes of the entire party, there was only ONE that I felt like I NEEDED as soon as I saw it.  In fact, I was only half way through carefully evaluating the huge numbers of awesome Pug things to win when I saw it, and in an uncharacteristically passionate split-second decision, I put my raffle ticket in the tiny overstuffed box, and spent the rest of the party hoping. And…I won!  Meet Gary II. Can you believe he is mine??

If there is anything in the world that rivals the cuteness of a Pug, it is for sure a crocheted Pug!

Thank you Pug Partners!  Thank you Pug people!  Thank you Pugs and one-day-only honorary Pugs! We had a very fun time with you!



Ernie Dog is Happy

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Ernie Nelson is one of my very favorite dogs.  In fact, as you probably know, because you probably know Ernie…Ernie is EVERYONE’S favorite dog.

Recently, Ernie ran out of treats.

It was a sad day.

Ernie will ONLY eat the jerky treats that Hill’s Pet Nutrition had recently discontinued.  Omaha has officially run out of Ernie’s treats, which I know because Mom and Dad checked EVERYWHERE for them, and they are GONE.

I know the people at Hill’s Pet Nutrition are very kind.  I also knew they could probably help me.  So I sent out this SOS tweet on behalf of Ernie:

Please help us find your former jerky treats for Mom & Dad’s Ernie Dog @HillsVet Look how sad he is without them!

And SOMEONE at Hill’s tweeted back…

@Finch93 We don’t want him sad! Check the DM we just sent! #NoSadPuppies

And next thing I know, there are TWENTY ONE bags of the only treats in the whole wide world that Ernie will eat right on our doorstep!


According to my veterinary nutritional calculations, that should last a four pound dog…forever.


They were sent as a gift by an anonymous person at Hill’s.  So I set out to blow her cover, which she probably was using to do all sorts of kind things, and found out that the person responsible for getting Ernie his treats was Nancy McKenzie.


Then I said…

Thank you @HillsVet for finding Ernie Dog’s favorite treats! That was SO nice of you! That’d be a good story :) #ComingSoon #RileyAndJames

And she said…

@Finch93 Just glad we can help – a great way to start a Monday! #HappyPets

And it was.


Thank you Nancy!  You made my week, you made Mom and Dad’s week and you definitely made Ernie’s week!

Here are pictures of Ernie getting his treats after going DAYS without them…

Whatcha got?

Ernie always counts his treats before he eats them.


Ernie says “Thank you!”




Nebraska Humane Society Walk for the Animals 2012

Monday, October 1st, 2012