Ernie Dog is Happy

Ernie Nelson is one of my very favorite dogs.  In fact, as you probably know, because you probably know Ernie…Ernie is EVERYONE’S favorite dog.

Recently, Ernie ran out of treats.

It was a sad day.

Ernie will ONLY eat the jerky treats that Hill’s Pet Nutrition had recently discontinued.  Omaha has officially run out of Ernie’s treats, which I know because Mom and Dad checked EVERYWHERE for them, and they are GONE.

I know the people at Hill’s Pet Nutrition are very kind.  I also knew they could probably help me.  So I sent out this SOS tweet on behalf of Ernie:

Please help us find your former jerky treats for Mom & Dad’s Ernie Dog @HillsVet Look how sad he is without them!

And SOMEONE at Hill’s tweeted back…

@Finch93 We don’t want him sad! Check the DM we just sent! #NoSadPuppies

And next thing I know, there are TWENTY ONE bags of the only treats in the whole wide world that Ernie will eat right on our doorstep!


According to my veterinary nutritional calculations, that should last a four pound dog…forever.


They were sent as a gift by an anonymous person at Hill’s.  So I set out to blow her cover, which she probably was using to do all sorts of kind things, and found out that the person responsible for getting Ernie his treats was Nancy McKenzie.


Then I said…

Thank you @HillsVet for finding Ernie Dog’s favorite treats! That was SO nice of you! That’d be a good story :) #ComingSoon #RileyAndJames

And she said…

@Finch93 Just glad we can help – a great way to start a Monday! #HappyPets

And it was.


Thank you Nancy!  You made my week, you made Mom and Dad’s week and you definitely made Ernie’s week!

Here are pictures of Ernie getting his treats after going DAYS without them…

Whatcha got?

Ernie always counts his treats before he eats them.


Ernie says “Thank you!”




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12 Responses to “Ernie Dog is Happy”

  1. Benny & Lily says:

    Kudos to Hills Vet and Happy Birthday Ernie
    Benny & Lily

  2. Nancy McKenzie says:

    Dear Dr. Shawn, Ernie and Family,

    Glad we could help, and thanks for the shout outs!

    -Nancy McKenzie (HPN)

  3. Sandy Wray says:

    Happy Birthday, Ernie Nelson!!! He is such a lover and is is so precise in counting his treats as they are placed on the floor for him. That tiny 4 pounder can tell you all you need to know if you miss just one little morsel.
    Hugs and love you, Ernie!!! Sandy

  4. Dawn says:

    Wow! That is so super nice. We’ve used Hill’s Prescription Diet before when Maya had an upset tummy but have never steadily used their food. This inspires me to look more into their treats selection. I also noticed they had special food for dogs with hypothyroidism. I wish I had known about that when my dog Sephi was still alive. She didn’t pass on because of hypothyroidism, but perhaps when she was still living a different diet along with her meds might have helped manage the hypo- symptoms a little better.

    • Oh thank you Dawn! YES, Hill’s has some great new treats out! Ernie just loved the “classic” treats so.

      Are you thinking of the new kitty diet for hyperthyroidism, y/d? That is awesome.

      I am guessing Sephi had a wonderful life with you and would not change a thing.

  5. bob nelson says:

    well that was fun to read and love his pictures and thank you shawn and nancy mackenzie

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