The Stuff that Russ Built

Russ is my husband, and he is a really good carpenter.  Here are some things that he has built.  I think they are pretty. It is fun when my cases and his projects intersect, like when a dog patient needs a fence, or a kitty patient needs a scratching post, or an arthritic patient needs a ramp or stairs.

If you would like Russ to build you a thing, call him at 402-218-3472.

This is the roof of my parents’ gazebo. I think it is as pretty from the inside as it is from the outside.

This is the deck Russ built for our friends Dawn and Cory. Dawn traded Russ for piano lessons for our girls, so everyone won!

This kid is so cute! He kept asking “Whatcha doing Russell?” His Mom took this picture of him watching Russ build their pergola.

Here are before and after pictures of Dr. McIlnay’s deck. Dr. McIlnay is Omaha’s veterinary ophthalmologist.

Another friend’s new deck. Building decks is Russ’ favorite. I think they always turn out so pretty! Notice the giant dog sized ramp on the left side of the deck for one of my favorite patients ever, Moby.

My parents’ gazebo – my favorite place in the world!

Maybe the Wheelers have trash like normal folks, and maybe they just have a beautiful gated fence!

This is at Russ’ parents’ cabin near Valley, Nebraska. Isn’t the lake beautiful?? Russ built the deck and the “kid-sized” picnic table.

Access ramp at our church. TONS of kids tromp up and down this all week, so it has to be safe!

Double Decker Deck!

It is so peaceful on Mom and Dad’s deck. This was one of Russ’ first projects in Omaha, which he did with a very nice carpenter named Tom.

Russ built this teepee so I could grow Morning Glories and Runner Beans. It also served as a good tea party headquarters when the girls were younger :)

Russ has built me 300-and-counting 1 foot squares for our Square Foot Garden and the fence behind it…

…And Three Squares for Max!

Russ built the fence around our church community garden and the Square Foot grid and teepee on our plot. God grew the plants :)

Russ’ parents dogs safe behind their new fence!

This is a picture of Joy the Puppy on Day One over three years ago! She STILL loves to help Russ build stuff!

See? Here is Joy the Puppy RIGHT NOW with Russ at his parents’ neighbor’s home, building a fence for HIS Lab puppy!

Those are some of my favorite pictures of the things Russ has built.  He does free estimates and also does interior work.  I know this is early to mention, but he and Joy want you to know…They are not afraid of snow!  If he is building your deck or fence in a snowstorm, do not worry – I will bring him hot chocolate!

Thank you friends and family who have supported Russ in his new full time construction business.  We thought it would be a scary step to go out “on our own” but because of you it has been very fun and rewarding!

To ALL of our friends and family and all my awesome readers, please call Russ if you have projects you would like him to help you with.  He is ALWAYS available to advise, will ALWAYS give free estimates, and if it is a project he does not do, he ALWAYS knows the best person for the job.

Russell Finch Construction


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  1. I couldn’t help but notice that your cat Max looks exactly like a patient I had on Friday with a fractured femur! I hope Max stays out of that kind of trouble and sticks with enjoying his garden…

    • Shawn Finch, DVM says:

      Oh poor kitty! He probably had to come see you cuz a Max Cat with a broken femur would make me cry! He is ok, right?

  2. RumpyDog! says:

    Russ is very talented! He is an artist!

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