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And a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31st, 2012

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss…you will be floating in space…the closest star is Proxima Centauri and it’s 4.2 light years away. So you might be ‘among’ Proxima in about 1 million years. But then you are only among a single star. It’s not possible to be among multiple stars because they are so far apart from one another. -Alex Krasny


This time around, coming up with New Year’s Resolutions has been difficult.

I’ve got Prove the Cute Vet Wrong in 2013, but you knew that one.  I thought only Dad and Russ knew that the best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t.  Even before this article came out – which I actually think is very, very good – I have had an all consuming obsession with the Gentle Doctor blog-to-be.  I have a year’s worth of weekly posts written.  Oh yeah, I am crazy.  In a good way.

On a related subject (online work projects) I would like to continue to manage and grow Gentle Doctor’s Twitter presence with the help of Dr. Krapfl and Angie and our new Breed of the Month thing.

Also, I meant to lose a Standard Poodle in 2012, and I lost a medium sized Poodle mix, which is still something.  So, next year, I would like to regroup, refocus and lose another medium sized Poodle mix!

3000 more followers on Twitter.  I don’t talk about follower count on Twitter much.  First of all, it isn’t up to me, it’s up to you.  And second of all, it seems like shouting about it would ruin things, and NOT shouting would allow things to keep going well, like being really quiet when you see a butterfly, and now I am in a beautiful swarm.  Only I do not know if butterflies have ears.

It is a common misconception that veterinarians know every little thing like that about every animal.  Mostly we know about dogs.  (Kidding!  Mostly.)

I do know that I am only “ahead” of the next veterinarian/hospital on Twitter by a couple thousand followers, and if we were a comic they would be my arch enemy, and they advertise like crazy for followers, and so that’s fun for me.  Even so, if I only had the tiniest group of friends on Twitter, and you were in that group, it would be as fun for me as it is now.

I have loved working with the dvm360 team, and would love to do more writing projects together.  That breaks about 60% of the S-M-A-R-T goal setting rules, but there it is.  It is what I want, even if I am not sure what it is yet!

Same goes for the Square Foot Gardening team.

There’s Penelope Dog. She will be in the December 2013 Veterinary Economics edition, so there’s that.  That matches up better to specific, measurable and all that, huh?

Penelope, we love your face!

Here’s another nebulous goal – continued success at work.

And another – continued healing.  Oo that’s kind of serious.  Things are good and getting better.

Family time.

Garden time.

Poodle time.

And cat and puppy time…This will be the Year of the Old Pet.  Joy the Puppy is only three, and just needs a disproportionate amount of attention.  Max the Cat (16) and Noodle the Poodle (13) though are really starting to show their age, and just are going to need lots more care than before, if things continue to move in the direction they are.  Stupid mortality.  Actually they are doing quite well.  We have a carpenter to build ramps all over and a vet to fret over their health and kids to help with pet care.  We should be set!

I hope 2013 is the best year yet for you and your family!

Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Here are some pictures from this past month.  I am on an unusually long stream of posts – even for me – that need to be filed under “What in the World Does this Have to do With Pets?”

Anyway, pictures.  I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends, food and fun!

For the third of four years, we have gotten our Christmas tree (real tree!) flocked with purple from Cirian’s Garden Center in Midtown Omaha.  This year, we were put on a waiting list because apparently Omaha is full of weirdos, and apparently word is getting out that Cirian’s will flock trees purple (any color, really).

This beautiful kitty is being fostered by our good friends the Babcocks.  SHE NEEDS A HOME!  Is this your kitty??  She is very sweet!  Her name is Kitty.

When I was three, Mom made me a Winnie the Pooh birthday cake with this mold.  I guess I have ALWAYS been in love with Winnie the Pooh and friends.  Mom had to have Grandma Rasmussen cut the cake because she had worked so hard on it she couldn’t cut it.  THAT part I just learned.  THANK YOU MOM!!  The eyes and nose of my Winnie the Pooh cake were made of three big chocolate disks.  My cousin Robby got one, my friend Lana got one and I got one.  THAT is from the memory of a three year old, people.  YES, it made my third birthday that awesome.  It is one of my best memories as a kid.  So I used the same cake mold to make my panda-obsessed twelve year old this cake for her birthday.  Fun.  And yes, that is a VERY OLD cake pan!

DrawSomething.  PETSHOP.

Gary II wishing he had a hat like all of his friends.  Thank you for the Piggy, Allison!  I love him!!

Decorations on the Recycle Bike Shop building in Midtown Omaha.  This made me happy all season.

Hello Snowman!

This tree in Midtown Omaha also made me happy all season.  If you drove by too fast, you would miss it.

Gary II got his hat!  Thank you Becky!  Since we have taken away the source of Gary II’s anxiety, he will probably no longer need that bottle of DAP spray that is almost as big as he is!

For the first time in YEARS, we did not make Baby Peanut Jesus in preschool Sunday School.  Aunt Jeannine sent me THIS.  I love it as much as the craft itself.



Missio Dei Community SLC – Advent Conspiracy – Way, Truth and Life from Missio Dei Community on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Adrian Fry


Phoebe The Super Dog!

Courtesy of the Muller Family

See full size image

I also took pictures like normal people take, ones that show that MY KIDS ARE CUTE and of our family at the Christmas Eve Service and at the Finch and Nelson Christmases and that show in kinda an abstract but definite way that we have the most wonderful family imaginable and have been blessed beyond measure in 2012.

They are.

And we do.  And we have been.

I hope that you have been blessed beyond measure this year as well.


THIS is a Great Idea

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Our theme for the Gentle Doctor holiday party was Masquerade. “Christmas already has a theme,” I whined. “Why can’t our theme be Baby Jesus?”

“NO, ” Shelly said. “Sit down and hot glue these feathers onto these masks.” So I did. Shelly put them together with fishbowls and light sticks and things and used them for the centerpieces, which were absolutely gorgeous. Shelly is awesome at things like that.

Russ and I decided that since the theme was creepy, we would go all out and make our masks as creepy as possible. Here they are. When I quit whining about the theme, we had a very fun time making them. I really liked how they turned out. Also, I got rid of them as soon as possible, because having them in my house was making me cry.

As we did last year (Theme – Hats!), we had a very fun party. I was a very good sport. Actually, I was not. I walked into the party room and said, “Can I take off this mask?” and Pete, being a kind and benevolent boss, laughed and said, “yeah.” Then we had a very fun evening with some of our very favorite people.


Coming soon…the remainder of my (non-creepy) pictures from the season…

It just seemed fitting the masks should stand alone, being a bit darker-themed than Peanut Baby Jesus and the Purple Christmas Tree and all!

Most of my Friends are Real

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Last weekend our family took a road trip to the Kansas City area for a Oxbow Animal Health sponsored small mammal veterinary conference.

Is there anything about that sentence that you do NOT love??  ME NEITHER!!

Story #1

We arrived at the Crown Center Mall, and I remembered that it was Christmas time in Kansas City and remembered also that I do not like being crowded.  So Russ, having been in that exact situation with me many times (me whispering, “I didn’t realize it would be so crowded, and I just remembered I don’t like being crowded!”) directed us to the one uncrowded corner of the entire mall, which had this awesome gingerbread village in it!

How was that spot not crowded??  It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!  I said as much on Facebook, and Brendan Howard, who I think lives somewhere near the gingerbread village but was in California bossing people at The Central Veterinary Conference, said, “Why are you visiting KC when I am not there?” even though he had JUST done that to ME by visiting Omaha over Thanksgiving when I was not home.  I said I would stand still while we tried to end up in the same city, but I got distracted by the Crayola Store and wandered off.  It happens.  Also, I got a new coloring book.

Story #2

That evening, our family went to dinner with Dr. JC Burcham and her family.  Dr. Burcham is a veterinarian at Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center, and we have been friends online for a few years.  We both like writing, reading and pets, including the weird ones, so that has been fun.  I finally got to meet my friend, who up until that very moment, I had no proof was even real.  She is.  And as nice as I suspected.  So is her family.  THAT was my favorite part of the whole trip.

Story #3

I was drunk with the anticipation of our next adventure.  I had not actually had any alcohol at dinner, but we had just spent the evening with wonderful people, there was a tiny bit of snow swirling in the parking lot outside of the restaurant and we were going to look at CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!  That combination has the same effect on me as alcohol.

So I was in a pretty good mood and feeling a bit more extroverted than normal when we came to a yard filled completely with PENGUINS.  I HAD to show my brother.  I HAD to show the author of the awesome blog, I Miss You When I Blink.  So I did.

And SHE asked, “Do you know anyone who would be a good date for Liam?” perhaps assuming from my pictures that I knew hundreds of penguins, which I actually do not.  But I found this cute penguin, and from what I have heard, she and Liam may hit it off.


If you are keeping track, Story #3 includes:  my brother Dave, who I know is real, the wildly creative author of a very fun blog, who I assume is real but cannot prove, a cartoon penguin and a real penguin, who may or may not be dating.  Most of my friends, as far as I know, are real.

Story #4

Sunday Russ and the girls went shopping and I did the OPPOSITE of shopping on the fun scale, went to the Oxbow Animal Health small mammal veterinary conference.  In case you are not as in love with guinea pigs and bunnies and things as I am, and as out of love with shopping as I am, I will say that I got the good side of the fun scale.  Our girls think they did because they were shopping with Dad all day.  Russ knows that he did not.  hahaha

Dr. JC Burcham and I got to sit together at the meeting.  I tweeted things like “I am with Dr. Burcham at this conference!” and drew cartoons of hamsters with IV catheters, which one of the presenters said was actually possible, and I found amusing, and JC learned important things.  So between us, we picked up some good information.

I met some other veterinarians and caught up with Dr. Micah Kohles, the Oxbow veterinarian, and got to say hi to the other two Omaha veterinarians there.  You would think there would be one hundred twenty Omaha veterinarians there, wouldn’t you?  They were talking about bunnies for goodness’ sake!  Weird.  But nonetheless, very, very fun.

All in all, my favorite weekend of the Christmas season so far.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

May your life be filled to the top with friends of every kind.