THIS is a Great Idea

Our theme for the Gentle Doctor holiday party was Masquerade. “Christmas already has a theme,” I whined. “Why can’t our theme be Baby Jesus?”

“NO, ” Shelly said. “Sit down and hot glue these feathers onto these masks.” So I did. Shelly put them together with fishbowls and light sticks and things and used them for the centerpieces, which were absolutely gorgeous. Shelly is awesome at things like that.

Russ and I decided that since the theme was creepy, we would go all out and make our masks as creepy as possible. Here they are. When I quit whining about the theme, we had a very fun time making them. I really liked how they turned out. Also, I got rid of them as soon as possible, because having them in my house was making me cry.

As we did last year (Theme – Hats!), we had a very fun party. I was a very good sport. Actually, I was not. I walked into the party room and said, “Can I take off this mask?” and Pete, being a kind and benevolent boss, laughed and said, “yeah.” Then we had a very fun evening with some of our very favorite people.


Coming soon…the remainder of my (non-creepy) pictures from the season…

It just seemed fitting the masks should stand alone, being a bit darker-themed than Peanut Baby Jesus and the Purple Christmas Tree and all!

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