Lucy’s Water Adventures

Saturday was the high school graduation party for our niece Kylah.  Congratulations Kylah!!  We are so proud of you!

Russ, Sara and Shane and I decided to go from the Jones’ to the Finches’ to fish and let the kids go swimming in the lake.  We had one job – keep the kids safe.  We did that.

Well, we had two jobs, keep the kids safe and keep the dogs white.  We did a great job.  Wait, no, we did a 50% great job.  Jacy Dog stayed white.  Here is the other half of the story…

Lucy is Russ’ parents other little white dog.  See?

Lucy escaped through the gate and jumped into the lake with the kids.  I texted this to Karen, “This might have happened,” with this picture –

Since it did in fact actually happen, I let Lucy play in the lake some more.  She is quite skilled at balancing on a knee board.  But then she got out of the lake and THIS happened –

So I did this…

and this…

and texted Karen, “Now Lucy is back to this!” –

We walked back down to the Jones’ and I asked Karen, “Did you get all the pictures I sent you?”

“No!” she said, “Is everything alright??”

“Yes,” I said.

And it was.

The End

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4 Responses to “Lucy’s Water Adventures”

  1. Jana Rade says:

    That’s why you get black dogs. Don’t have to worry about keeping them white ;-)

  2. That is exactly what we do Jana! : )

  3. Alysia C says:

    Oh come on, it’s totally worth it, that’s the cutest dog ever! :D

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