Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Orientation

A few weeks ago a nice client brought a hurt Mallard duck to us.  Nebraska Wildlife Rehab came and got him and took care of him.  They are always doing nice things like that.

The good people of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab have helped me with countless bunnies and baby birds through the years, many of which I never see – I just direct kids right to their number or to my other Favorite Group, Nebraska Humane Society, which works closely with Nebraska Wildlife Rehab.

Sometimes all people need is the advice to let wild animals be, and I can and do provide THAT, but if they need anything else, Nebraska Wildlife Rehab is the best group to help.

So Jan and her family, Rae-Anne and her husband, Russ, Amanda and Abby and I all went to their Open House the other day.  Janie, Matt, Liam and Emma and Leda went too.  It was very fun.

Then Russ, Amanda and Abby and I went to the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Orientation which was led by Brittney on Saturday, July 6, 2013.  Mostly I wanted to hold a baby raccoon.  We did get to see them, so that was neat.  And Abby got some good pictures of them.

Also, the guy who used to deliver oxygen to the two Gentle Doctor locations I work at was there with his family.  If you know me, you know I love that sort of thing.  (Well, yeah, oxygen, but I meant, you know, connections.)  He is very nice and so is his wife, and so was the entire group – about a dozen – of would-be volunteers.

I don’t know What’s Next, but it is going to be fun to find out.

photo (52)

Baby Raccoons!!

photo (53)

The Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Center near Louisville Nebraska was donated in 2011 by Ash Grove Cement.  It is a very neat building!

photo (54)

My ever-tolerant family!  They will always support the things I am excited about.  Which sometimes ends with them getting to see baby raccoons!

Areas in Which Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Needs Volunteers:

Animal Caretaking

Volunteering at the Center


Transporting Animals from Nebraska Humane Society to the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Center

Rapid Response – Picking Up Animals from other Locations as Needed – Like when they came to get Mr. Duck from Gentle Doctor

Newsletter Writing

Organizational Tasks

Building and Repairing Cages

Land on which to Transition and Release Animals

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